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PerlMonks FAQ

by SiteDocClan (Initiate)
on Aug 11, 2005 at 18:48 UTC ( [id://483072]=faqlist: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Below is the new PerlMonks FAQ, organized hierarchically.

PerlMonks FAQ


Getting Started with PerlMonks  (Top)

Whether you've just discovered PerlMonks or have recently registered for a user account here, you will find the following information useful.
Also take a gander at our collection of user-contributed how-to's: Understanding and Using PerlMonks.

About PerlMonks  (Top)

Advanced PerlMonks Topics  (Top)

PerlMonks Sections  (Top)

(Note: This page is "better" than Where should I post X? and predecessors, because it pulls in the actual doclets associated with each section. Those are what are displayed at the top of each section, and are authoritative.)

This page should help you figure out where to submit your post. Posts submitted to the wrong section run the risk of being moved, down-voted, edited, or even deleted. If you see a node posted in an inappropriate section, please alert the janitors, or consider it to have it moved to the correct section.

If what you want to post is employment related (e.g. if you're trying to hire or be hired), the place to post is at, not here. (See May I post a job ad?)

These are the available sections of PerlMonks:

Searching PerlMonks  (Top)

PerlMonks has its own search features, described below. In addition, you should be able to use off-site web search engines such as Google.

Posting on PerlMonks  (Top)

Linking on PerlMonks  (Top)

Messaging on PerlMonks  (Top)

Voting, Reputation, Experience, and Levels  (Top)

Moderation on PerlMonks  (Top)

Consideration on PerlMonks  (Top)

Orders of Monks  (Top)

The groups of users detailed below have undertaken vows of service to the Monastery.

See What are PerlMonks Orders? for more information on user groups, such as how to join one.

There are also a few other user groups that have less important purposes (developers, SiteDocManagers, Site Documentation Clan, editors, pmtesters, holders of unholy power, Breathers of Fire, tinkers, punsters, and pirates).

PerlMonks Nodelets  (Top)

Where can I find more information on...  (Top)

Disclaimer: While these links are displayed in good faith, PerlMonks takes no responsibility for the content of the pages linked to. If you discover one of these links is "bad" (e.g. is broken or links to questionable material), please let us know. Thanks.
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