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by alien_life_form (Pilgrim)
on Jun 09, 2000 at 18:00 UTC ( [id://17310]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Biography I am an Italian. Over the years I've been around: I lived three years in Detroit and Ann Arbor (of the University of Michigan fame) and three more in Milan, Italy. I now hail from Modena (of Ferrari carmaker fame) where I was also born too many years ago to bother.
Education By education, I am an Electrical Engineer, but I was perverted to IT and software development at an early age, and at this point I have wholly forgotten the tools and ways of my original trade.
My alma mater is the University of Bologna, rumored to be the oldest University in the world (900+ years, folks). Coincidentally (or perhaps not) I also happen to work in Bologna.
Job Save a 2 year research stint at the University as a postdoc student, I have been working mostly in the CAD and PDM industry. Starting in 1993, I got interested in the Internet and attending technologies - as a result I now also moonlight as an Internet Service Provider in my home town.
Perl I got in touch with Perl around 1990, but really started using it a couple of years later, and haven't stopped since. I have used it for almost everything, though web applications& system administration probably account for the majority of my output.
I am the courageous (foolhardy?) project leader of a commercial product based on WIndows NT, apache, mod_perl, and Win32::OLE (gasp! arghh! ewwwww!). Just don't ask why.

I did write a couple of really silly - but not entirely useless - modules for PAUSE /CPAN Win32::API:OutputDebugString and ClearCase::Attache) that had not made it to the modules list the last time I looked.
This may be due to my excessive lazyness in understanding how the module list works, or because they were appraised and found missing. A good thing either way...

Miscellany Other interests I have include Linux, Jazz and Classical music, History of the Middle Ages, and more.

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