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by Caillte (Friar)
on Jul 13, 2000 at 12:36 UTC ( #22335=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


Not surprisingly I'm a perl programmer. I've been writing in perl for 9 years or so now and was a c programmer before that. I also do PHP.

Recent sites I've worked on are:

  • GenSex- A site relating to a TV series about sexual information.
  • Embarrasing Illness - A site relating to a TV series about, well, embarrasing illnesses
  • Stress - A site relating to a TV series about, you guessed it, stress!
  • Puzzle Maths - Maths games for kids
  • Homework High - A place for kids to go to ask teachers for advice on their homework.
  • Sinclair, Roche and Temperley (SRT law) - An international law firm specialising in maritime law.
  • Bluebear - A Business to business PR company :P

Currently I am working for Knowledgepool, the home of Template Toolkit.

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