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by eff_i_g (Curate)
on Aug 09, 2005 at 17:21 UTC ( [id://482313]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

My goal of moving from outside of Chicago, Illinois to Denver, Colorado has been attained; and in doing so I must part with Perl and take on a new world of Ruby and Rails. Perhaps I'll return from time to time, but whatever the case may be, Perl and I had a great 6 to 7 years: it has enlightened me, empowered me, and given me the footing and gusto to move onward and upward. Long live Perl! ♥
Sinner → Saint: January 13, 2011
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Chatterbox Shenanigans

  • hacker: wtf. I've been adding subs all week, so I add an 11th sub, and now it falls over? WTF!!!
    tye: not all web apps can go to 11

  • tye should start up a Perl Mongers so he can get away from the familly one night a month and sit in a bar alone

  • tye: anyone heard of tools that will decode the audio of a fax call for debugging fax failures?
    bart: I know of such a device. It's called a "secretary".

  • Corion: ... even I got that one :) (but I never read Pooh much, and in German, all the names are translated, for the obvious onomatopoetic effect)
    jZed: pooh-etic effect?

  • Ashes.cfg: Is there a default date comparison module?
    tye: Date::Female:: HotOrNot
    tye: Date::Male:: StudOrDud

  • bart: Soap, Ajax... What's this with developers and cleaning products?

  • rhesa: ilike seems to have been available for some time in postgres (as well as case-insensitive regular expressions)
    Petruchio: ilike "bread and butter", ilike "toast and jam";

  • jdporter: can I run SAX in a Safety box?
    Fletch: of course; you wouldn't want to be having unsafe sax . . . *bah dum dum*

  • ssandv: whoa, someone actually posted a homework question and said it was a homework question. That's unusual. :)
    ssandv: I wonder if the people who squawk about not reinventing the wheel go around in wagons with solid wooden wheels and straight axles. My guess is no...

  • MidLifeXis: Voronich Good morning. Modified my bread recipe for wheat this AM. ...
    Voronich: You can start with tablespoon sized quantities. After about 4 days it froths up like my ex girlfriend when her Xanax wore off. *shudder*
    MidLifeXis: Ewwwww.
    Voronich: Sourdough starter isn't quite as insane as that and rarely spouts groundless accusations of infidelity in shopping mall food courts; but I digress.

  • thezip: It's also a whole lot of fun to strap a doggie biscuit to the cats. Max has such a great time with that
    Your Mother: I do the opposite. I spray the dog with catnip.
    Voronich: FUN!
    thezip: Oh, we *are* a bunch of Friday CB'ers, aren't we?

  • thezip: So V, how's the dating scene this week?
    Voronich: meh.
    Voronich: I just don't have the energy.
    thezip: Wow, that doesn't sound good
    Voronich: Problem is I sorta have a pathological hatred for the process. It all seems like a sex & the city blooper reel.
    SuicideJunkie: Maybe you need to change your algorithm. Depth first search instead of BFS.
    Voronich: well this is the result of having gone the other way. Pure DFS ends miserably.
    spx2: Voronich what are you trying to do ?
    MidLifeXis: Remember, SFW :-b
    Voronich: date without dating

  • Voronich still has a little trouble resisting the impulse to burst out into Toby Keith lyrics at work sometimes.
    marto: go for it, but only if you upload video footage of your coworkers reaction
    Voronich: They don't even blink any more.
    marto grins
    Voronich: I pretty much have to hop on the desk and start playing air guitar to Bat Out of Hell to get a reaction now.
    marto: perhaps you should work on some show tunes

  • Corion: I should adapt and use that "disapproving look" emoticon more...
    Corion: ಠ_ಠ - but that means I'll get more emails about Wide Character in Print :-)

  • mikeraz became a Friar today. Something must be broken around here.
    Voronich gets the oil and some twinkies.
    thezip: Kinky
    jellisii2 sets out the fire extinguisher.
    Voronich: Friar...oil? *waits for it...*
    thezip readies the friar extinguisher

  • zek152 is frustrated with work making him use a windows os. It's like putting a bird in a cage and telling him to 'go fly'.

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