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by mirod (Canon)
on Apr 27, 2000 at 03:24 UTC ( [id://9346]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Michel Rodriguez: Perl & XML, Just Another Lucca Perl Monger.

Author of XML::Twig: read the Review, buy the tee-shirts, watch the show, visit the town, listen to the music...

Co-author of the youngest monk on Perl Monks: tonio.

In plain text here is the vital information grabbed by the stats page:

  • Location:latitude=43.843999,longitude=10.50529
  • Os's of choice: Linux (Ubuntu), OS X

Unsung Nodes

PerlMonks is a weird place. At least the way posts get reputation is weird. If you look at my write-ups sorted by reputation you will find some silly or just really trivial things right up there, with reputations in the 20's and even 30's. On the other hand some of the posts I was quite happy with got few votes, for reason probably ranging from "posted during the week-end" to "re:re:re:... posts never get noticed".

So here they are, in no particular order

The Perl Geek Code

I started the Perl Geek Code one day I was bored, you can create your own at The PGC Page.

-----BEGIN PERL GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 0.01 P++>+++$c-P6-@R++M++O++MA+++E++>+++PU! BD C+D+S-X+++$WP+++MO+++PP!n @CO+>++ PO--o!G++A-OL!Ee---Ev+Eon Eot+ Eob+uL++>+++uS+w >!m >! ------END PERL GEEK CODE BLOCK------

decode it

And finally, here is a list of all my nodes that offer code examples for XML::Twig:

2004‑06‑01mirod's scratchpad
2004‑05‑06Re: XML::Twig tag conversion
2004‑04‑12Re: Re: Re: Text to XML
2004‑04‑12Re: Text to XML
2004‑02‑26Re: Regex et XML
2004‑02‑20Re: Building XML Index File
2004‑01‑23Re: Getting into a SAX frame of mind
2003‑10‑15Re: XML:Twig -- changing in-mem process to stream
2003‑10‑03Re: (TIMTOWTDI / Golf / Obfu) Airplanes in class
2003‑07‑10Re: retrieving attribute text with xml::twig
2003‑05‑11Re: (jeffa) Re: Why doens't non-greediness work?
2003‑03‑18Re: Practical suggestion for accessing configuration data stored in XML format
2003‑03‑05Re: Edit values in XML and Save?
2003‑01‑22Re: Another simple XML Twig question
2003‑01‑21Re: Re: Re: Re: XML Twig parse
2002‑12‑30Re: XML to XML
2002‑12‑12Re: Problems with string concatenation and encodings
2002‑12‑03Re: Removing duplicate subtrees from XML
2002‑12‑02Re: On making bug reports (For both perl and non-perl software)
2002‑12‑02Re: tgrep - A grep for XML/HTML tags
2002‑11‑18Re: Parsing XML???
2002‑10‑23Re: XML::Simple parsing
2002‑10‑23Re: XML::parser question
2002‑09‑26Re: XML::Parser start handler
2002‑06‑11xml_pp : YAXPP (Yet Another XML Pretty Printer)
2002‑06‑11Re: Re: Re: XML Search and Replace
2002‑06‑11Re: XML Search and Replace
2002‑05‑30Re: Re: Re: XML::XPath and preserving CDATA fields
2002‑03‑14Re: XML Parser
2002‑02‑12Re: parsing XMLish data
2002‑01‑31Re: XML::Twig -- sorting by attribute
2001‑11‑20Re: Building an XML File from text
2001‑11‑08Re: XML::Twig - literal nodes
2001‑11‑06Re: XML::Twig error reporting
2001‑11‑05Re: XML::Twig approach/architecture/design question
2001‑08‑23Re: Regex for XML attributes...
2001‑08‑16Re: Re: Re: XML::Twig recursive constructor calls and local()
2001‑08‑16Re: XML::Simple chatterbox dumper
2001‑08‑03Re: looping over xml
2001‑07‑20Re: Linking words in html to glossary.
2001‑06‑24Re: Validation of Data in Module
2001‑06‑21Re: Parsing XML into a simple hash
2001‑06‑08Re: XML and entities, what am I doing wrong?
2001‑05‑24Re: Re: XML::Twig - can't find my uncle!
2001‑05‑22Re: XML Manipulation
2001‑05‑11Re: inserting text into an XML tree
2001‑03‑13Re: Expat
2000‑09‑15RE: More tasty XML goodness
2000‑08‑30Re: Replacing XML content

Legalese: unless otherwise noted, all code published by Michel Rodriguez (mirod) on is free software. You can use it, redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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