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node mining

by arturo (Vicar)
on Feb 14, 2001 at 23:49 UTC ( [id://58427]=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Ok, who has the time for it? Well, usually not me. But dang, sometimes I think we just need to be reminded of the repository we have on our hands here. It wasn't an unusual occurrence, really : earlier today, someone posted a question about debugging, which gave Adam cause to refer to the thread following How to debug unknown dynamic code?, and there's just $expletiveloads of good discussion and insight in those subthreads.

So do yourself a favor: look up some old nodes on yer favrit (or not so favourite)in Super Search and see what you can dredge up. You'll probably end up a better programmer for it.

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Re: node mining
by footpad (Abbot) on Feb 14, 2001 at 23:59 UTC
    I agree completely. Given the number of nodes posted since the founding of the Monastery, there is a wealth of material covering many, many questions.

    For example, I've probably avoided posting a few dozen posts simply because I use Super Search creatively and found answers there.

    It can also provide insights into the people behind the 'nyms. Some amusing, others less so. It can be very reassuring to see how far certain monks have progressed through their participation here. (It can also be reassuring to see that said senior members are human, too.)

    Bottom line: Take some time each week to find nodes related to an area of the language you're working on. You'll be amazed at what you'll discover. Sure, it takes time, but I'll bet it takes less time than trying to wade through hits from google or other search engines.

Re: node mining
by Adam (Vicar) on Feb 15, 2001 at 04:52 UTC
    It really does not take that much time or effort to put a few key words in the search bar and click search. That will actually find you an answer much of the time, and usually quicker then it would take you to type your entire question and get a quality response. If that fails, give Super Search a try. It too is fairly fast, and the combined time of both searches is still going to be less then it would be to enter in your question.

    I really don't understand why people don't make use of the resources here. We offer so much, the Library, the SOPW Archives, the Q & A, the Saints, the Pontiffs, the Bishops, the Abbots, the Fiars, the Monks. Really, where else can you find so many informed people who are willing to share their knowledge with you, For FREE! And all we ask is that you do a little research first. Is that so much?

Re (tilly) 1: node mining
by tilly (Archbishop) on Feb 15, 2001 at 00:16 UTC
    If you are in more of a hurry (or overwhelmed at what is available), grab a senior monk, and sort their nodes by reputation, then wade in to ones near the top that look interesting.

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