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by sauoq (Abbot)
on Jul 18, 2002 at 02:17 UTC ( [id://182681]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I was born. That's all I remember.  |  My scratchpad

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The editors' hall of mirrors and trickery

Little Nuggets of Good Advice:

  • Don't use prototypes until you fully understand the issues in Tom Christiansen's article about them.
  • Don't get preoccupied with performance; your time is more valuable than the machine's.
  • Don't use indirect object notation.

Perl Annoyances (yeah, it has a few.)

  • if (%hash) { ... } won't work as expected with a tied hash.
  • There is no easy way to reliably determine whether a reference is a reblessed qr//
  • Two argument open is used with <> (and subsequently with -p and -n) resulting in potential security issues.
  • You need no warnings 'qw'; to do qw/ # / quietly.
  • sub x { 1 for 1 } returns !1 instead of 1 like you might expect.
  • Requiring values or keys to reset the each iterator is ridiculous. In fact, each sucks in general.

Some Insteresting Nodes

The wonderful series, Meditations on Programming Theory, by mstone:

  1. MOPT-01 - assumptions and spaces
  2. MOPT-02 - substitution and formal systems
  3. MOPT-03 - identification, part 1
  4. MOPT-04 - identification, part 2

A selection of posts on XP and reputation:

Killer Obfu:

Miscellaneous interesting nodes I have yet to categorize:

Perl Weirdness!

Info about PM related third-party websites.

Some chuckles...

Monks whose homenodes I find interesting for one reason or another:

  • grinder - a list of nooks and crannies around the monastery and other fun stuff.
  • turnstep - lots of stuff about the monastery.
  • blakem - fastest rising monks.
  • ybiC - lots of stuff. (long xp/rep post list)
  • adrianh - list of good reads.
  • dws - a few pointers to good reads.
  • Aristotle - various stuff.
  • tilly - lots of stuff here.
  • VSarkiss - some monastery archeology.
  • brian_d_foy - short list of good reads.
  • Masem - great list of golf nodes.
  • YuckFoo - short list of fun stuff.

Things of Mine

Useful Stuff


Hex viewer: perl -0777e'$i++,print $_.($i%20?" ":"\n")for unpack"(H2)*",<>;print"\n"' file

Useless Stuff

Finally, some japhs I can call my own

perl -e "s();echo Just another Perl hacker,|;;open _;print<_>" perl -pe "BEGIN{@ARGV='echo Just another Perl hacker,|'}"
Another variation on the theme:
perl -pe "BEGIN{@ARGV='perl -le print+q~Just\ another\ Perl\ Hacker,~| +'}"
And another. this one only works on *nix, I'm afraid.
perl -i\|perl -le 's//$^I -e"print q-Just another Perl hacker,-"/;open + _;'
The windows version isn't as nice. (I much prefer the -i\| in the *nix version.):
perl -i"|perl" -le "s//$^I -e\"print q-Just another Perl hacker,-\"/;o +pen _;"

Some Opinions

On Node Retitling

This summary is taken from a reply to Tanktalus somewhere under Consider this: What makes a good node title?:

The best titles are not the ones you think are best. In fact, the whole concept of best in this instance is a local optimization and a function of the searcher. Retitling nodes in an effort to bring them closer to our preconceived notions of what makes an ideal title is necessarily introducing inefficiency. Good search coverage is, essentially, an emergent phenomenon. The assumption that we can help it along by retitling nodes is fallacious.

A lot of &bull;

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