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by shlomif (Beadle)
on Oct 05, 2003 at 19:13 UTC ( #296759=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

My name is Shlomi Fish and I was born in May 5, 1977. My homepage is I started programming, by programming in BASIC when I was 10. I learned C/C++ when I was 15, and Perl when I was 19. Since then Perl has been my favourite language and I really like it. Aside from that, I also like Haskell, Bash, Matlab, still have fond memories of BASIC, and also find myself having to use ANSI C, Python or whatever.

My most successful freelance software project so far was Freecell Solver, which is written in C. More recently, I also started Latemp which is a Content Management System that abstracts the common functionality of all my sites. I hope it will gain a lot of user and developer momentum as well.

I have some CPAN modules, and started the Perl Beginners' Site. I have some other projects and contributions, presentations I prepared, and essays I wrote. (some of them about Perl, and some of which are quite controversial).

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