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by ysth (Canon)
on Oct 14, 2003 at 08:24 UTC ( [id://299049]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Husband of 595730, mortal form of yitzchak.

2004-07-14: 9 months, 1000 writeups, 6088 XP

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CB quotes:
Your Mother I too love reinventing wheels but I have long lost any illusion that I can reinvent the car or care to try.
tye two data structures that truly care about each other should not hide any data from each other
zek152 A sense of humor is all well and good until you realize that what you really want is an aura of humor.
merlyn My hatred for ORMs grows with each passing day. :)
ambrus you mean I should directly call that factory that creates a proxy class from a class with one method forbidden nested multiple times instead of using a factory that calls another factory several times folded on each other with various arguments?
Corion ...So now all that would remain would be an OLE <-> DBUS bridge and we'd achieve world peace.
Corion ...I fear that any RPC mechanism grows until it reaches SOAPly dimensions and then collapses under its weight...
Lawliet Bleh, the only good social networking site is a dead social networking site.
tilly Q: How can you tell an extroverted programmer? A: He looks at your shoes when he's talking to you.
tye yeah, UTF-8 was designed by people who had gotten used to the utopia of "everything is a byte stream" w/o them realizing that they were going to destroy that utopia so their plans were woefully inadequate
Corion One day I'll be a world renowned author and write stream of consciousness works like Finnegan's Wake
But I guess commoditized and trivialized that, already
papidave as a side note, I think my customer is going to supplant the standard LAMP (linux/apache/mysql/perl) stack with Solaris/Httpd/Ingres/Tcl -- you can do the acronym.
Nik wfsp its syntactically correct but it wont run inthe browser, iam gettign a premature error....
jZed my spell checker thinks I should replace "DBIC" with "EBCDIC"
ambrus And don't forget this "method cache" thingy: every time you modify a method, a cat dies (or how is it?).
TimToady well, you have to have a cruel streak to be a good tester. :)
BerntB We don't exactly has slums in Sweden. Yet. We're getting there, sigh.   Petruchio That's not what I was told when I was there. What did they call it.... "Norway"?
DigitalKitty extends her arms and makes airplane noises.
Molt Encoding mistakes are a potentially great source of hilarity and therefore cannot be bad... honest.
ambrus I think I'll now have leave, even though I would have liked to continue this conversation (to the usual endpoint of tye convincing me).
demerphq I only did it because I have an addiction to tree structures. :-)
merlyn generally, the reload-warriors who can answer your problem have already seen your question, so talking about it in the chatterbox doesn't make them look any faster.
Petruchio "So when", he said, "there would not be a comma, you shouldn't add it. But if there would be," he added, "you should leave it in."
devnul If puns were deli meat, this would be the wurst.
ChemBoy no, it'd be ad-hominem if he were saying your code was bad because of who you were. Since he's saying you're a bad person because of your code, it doesn't really fit.
merlyn PHP is training wheels without the bicycle
demerphq see, there you go, first PHP, then cocaine, and soon youll be huffing glue behind a MacDonalds.
demerphq non accepting states that have an accepting proper suffix are also marked as accepting. when transitioning through the states a queue of accepting states are maintained, once a fail is encountered the accepting states are tried in order of left most occurring and then by order in the alternation.
tilly We're not certified, but I might just be certifiable.
monoxide What is the "free nodelet" for?   tye its purpose isn't restricted
ysth (Click here to have perlmonks lie to you :)
diotalevi ...perltidy is an attempt to write a Perl parser. It seems to mostly work except when it doesn't.
DigitalKitty The brightest room in the house is the bathroom so I've been sitting on the toilet with the door shut so the white walls reflect maximum luminosity.
Corion bart: If I wanted YAML, I'd use Data::Dumper :-)
jZed you have a box without Perl on it? what do you use it for, a doorstop?
TimToady I want to underpromise and overperform this year.
Wassercrats I need a ghost writer to get a positive rep.
Wassercrats I mean I'd have to be the ghost writer. I'd need a different name.
Petruchio not everyone lives at an xterm. Normal people like fonts. I've met several, and they've told me.
b10m Although I used to be an MCSE, I have close to no knowledge of the win OS, sorry
ELISHEVA normalization fractures objects in the interest of making their data CRUDable via well define algorithms based on relational calculus.

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