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RE: File Input and Output

by Anonymous Monk
on May 03, 2000 at 04:57 UTC ( #10019=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to File Input and Output

running this code: open(FILE, "data.txt"); #opens data.txt in read-mode while(<FILE>){ #reads line by line from FILE which is the filehandle for data.txt chomp; print "Saw $_ in data.txt\n"; #shows you what we have read } close FILE; #close the file. results in: # perl test1 syntax error at test1 line 5, near "<" syntax error at test1 line 5, near ">" Execution of test1 aborted due to compilation errors.

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RE: RE: File Input and Output
by turnstep (Parson) on May 03, 2000 at 06:07 UTC
    root just forgot that you don't need to escape less-than and greater-than signs inside <CODE> tags. Obviously, it should read:

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