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Re: How to grep exact string

by frozenwithjoy (Priest)
on Nov 15, 2012 at 08:25 UTC ( #1003956=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How to grep exact string

What output are you expecting and what are you getting? I get the following with what you posted. Is it not what you wanted/intended?
Machines extra in second list newly in this nt64osbld2 already there nt64osbld2tmp newly in this nt64osbld3 newly in this nt64oscitrix1 newly in this ntosbld4 newly in this ntosbld5 newly in this ntosbld6 already there vm-nt64osbld2 already there vm-nt64osbld3 already there vm-nt64osbld4 already there vm-nt64osbld5 already there vm-nt64osremot1 already there vm-nt64osremot2 already there vm-nt64osremot3 already there vm-nt64osremot4 already there vm-nt64osremot5 already there vm-nt64osremot6 already there vm-nt64osremot7 already there vm-nt64osremot8 already there vm-ntosbld1 already there vm-ntosbld5 already there vm-ntoscert3 already there vm-ntosdev1 already there vm-os2k8r264-01 already there vm-osremote1 already there vm-osremote10 already there vm-osremote2 already there vm-osremote3 already there vm-osremote4 already there vm-osremote5 already there vm-osremote6 already there vm-osw2k8-1 already there vm-osw2k8-2 newly in this vm-osw2k8x64-1 newly in this vm-osw2k8x64-2 already there vm-oswin2k3-32 already there vm-oswin2k3-64

EDIT: After incorporating tobyink's or ColonelPanic's suggestion, I get the same results, but it is now safe against regex metacharacters

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