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Never mind - I found a code example from an old question I posted on this site which answers my question:
$sth= $dbh->prepare("select dedate,de,den,op,so,rep,customer,dealn,cc +o,ebv,fcost,fmarg,bookad,tir,swmaint,hwmaint,svsums,svcost,svmarg,flo +or from quote"); $sth->execute(); #capture output into array and variablize the results while ( my $aref = $sth->fetchrow_arrayref ) { my ($dedate,$de,$den,$op,$so,$rep,$customer,$dealn,$cco,$ +ebv,$fcost,$fmarg,$bookad,$tir,$swmaint,$hwmaint,$svsums,$svcost,$svm +arg,$floor) = @$aref; #write data to spreadsheet row by row $worksheet->write_date_time($row+2, 0, $dedate,$alignc +d); $worksheet->write_number($row+2, 1, $de,$alignc); $worksheet->write_number($row+2, 2, $den,$alignc); $worksheet->write_number($row+2, 3, $op,$alignc); $worksheet->write_number($row+2, 4, $so,$alignc); $worksheet->write_string($row+2, 5, $rep,$alignl); $worksheet->write_string($row+2, 6, $customer,$alignl) +; $worksheet->write_string($row+2, 7, $dealn,$alignl); $worksheet->write_number($row+2, 8, $cco,$alignld); $worksheet->write_number($row+2, 9, $ebv,$alignld); $worksheet->write_number($row+2, 10, $fcost,$alignld); $worksheet->write_formula($row+2, 12, '=1-(K.($row+2)/ +J.($row+2))'
Thanks again for your kind assistance. Thank your for your reply. The goal isn't to reorder the elements in the array, it's to address the elements so I can place them in the spreadsheet cells wherever I please. However, to your point, since, in my script, the output of my query appears to be placed into the variable $emc and then added to the @data array, why can't I address the elements of the @data array as $data[0], $data1 and so forth?

It would be helpful to understand more clearly what is happening to the output of the SQL query - how is perl variablizing that output?

When I try addressing the data as $data[0], I get an error "Not an array ref in call to write_row() at ./ line 222". Line 222 is

 while(my @data = $emc ->fetchrow_array) .

My revised code which produces that error is:

my $emc = $dbh->prepare("SELECT a.`function`, b.`fname`, b.`lname`, b +.`email`, b.`ophone`, b.`cphone`, b.`geo` FROM `acct` a, `emc` b WHER +E a.`cid` ='BBYPRD' AND b.`eid` = a.`eid` order by function;"); $emc->execute or die $emc->errstr; my $row = 21; my $col = 1; $worksheet1->write_row($row++,$col,['Role','First Name','Last Name +','Email', 'Office Phone', 'Cell', 'Office'], $format_body1); while(my @data = $emc ->fetchrow_array) { $worksheet1->write_row($row++,$col,$data[6],$data[5], $data[4],$d +ata[3], $data[2], $data[1], $data[0]); }
I'm sure my error is simple and probably obvious to the wise monks who toil for our benefit, so I appreciate your patient assistance.
Hagen Finley Boulder, CO