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Re: reading zipped bzipped files!

by johngg (Abbot)
on Dec 22, 2012 at 00:26 UTC ( #1009965=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to reading zipped bzipped files!

I wondered how this might be achieved so decided to have a go. I prepared a ZIP archive containing three bzip2'ed files (man page outputs) stored without further compression.

$ man ls > $ man xterm > $ man cp > $ bzip2 -v *.man 2.496:1, 3.206 bits/byte, 59.93% saved, 5690 in, 2280 o +ut. 2.644:1, 3.026 bits/byte, 62.18% saved, 8093 in, 3061 o +ut. 5.062:1, 1.580 bits/byte, 80.24% saved, 264279 in, 5221 +0 out. $ zip -0m mans *.man.bz2 adding: (stored 0%) adding: (stored 0%) adding: (stored 0%) $

The following script constructs an Archive::Zip object to access the ZIP file and gets a list of member files. Then for each member it creates a member object and uses that to obtain the content. A reference to this content, by way of an on-the-fly subroutine, is used as the argument to the IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2 constructor which can then be read line by line. I just print the first five lines of each member file to demonstrate that the method works. I have not incorporated any error checking, this is left as an exercise for the reader.

use strict; use warnings; use 5.014; use Archive::Zip; use IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2; my $zipFile = q{}; my $zip = Archive::Zip->new( $zipFile ); my @members = $zip->memberNames(); foreach my $member ( @members ) { say qq{Member: $member}; my $memberFH = $zip->memberNamed( $member ); my $bzFH = IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2->new( sub { \ $_[ 0 ] }->( $memberFH->contents() ) ); my $lineCt = 0; while ( my $line = $bzFH->getline() ) { last if $lineCt ++ > 5; print $line; } }

The output.

Member: CP(1) User Commands + CP(1) NAME cp - copy files and directories Member: LS(1) User Commands + LS(1) NAME ls - list directory contents Member: XTERM(1) X Window System + XTERM(1) NAME xterm - terminal emulator for X

I hope this is useful.



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Re^2: reading zipped bzipped files!
by pmqs (Pilgrim) on Dec 22, 2012 at 01:13 UTC
    Here is a variation on a theme that prints the forst 5 lines of each member in the zip file. The difference with this one is that the complete bzip2 file doesn't need to be read into memory.
    use strict; use warnings; use IO::Uncompress::Unzip qw($UnzipError); use IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2; my $zipFile = q{}; my $zip = IO::Uncompress::Unzip->new( $zipFile ) or die "Cannot open $zipFile: $UnzipError"; my $status; for ($status = 1; $status > 0; $status = $zip->nextStream()) { my $name = $zip->getHeaderInfo()->{Name}; warn "Processing member $name\n" ; my $bzFH = IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2->new($zip); my $lineCt = 0; while ( my $line = <$bzFH> ) { last if $lineCt ++ > 5; print $line; } }

      Excellent ++

      I was trying to come up with a way which avoided reading the whole bzipped file but I am not familiar yet with these IO::Compress/Uncompress::* modules as most of my work is on servers running 5.8.x or older and I had only used Archive::Zip before. I will have to study.

      Thank you for showing me this method :-)



Re^2: reading zipped bzipped files!
by mike_gerard (Novice) on Dec 22, 2012 at 20:46 UTC

    Thanks to both of you. I was almost there with my code, but was wrong on the code line

     while ($line = <$zbz2>)

    Of course, my actual code is a bit more complicated because of other little gotchas, but it now works. Have a great Christmas. Mike Gerard

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