in reply to Parallel::ForkManager and utf8::all crash perl on Windows

Simpler test  perl -e " use open qw{:encoding(UTF-8) :std}; fork; "

c0000005 exception at encoding+0x356a

there are a few recent bug reports
#111344: warnings FATAL => utf8 not working on PerlIO::encoding layer and open pragma
#115262: PerlIO::encoding produces malformed utf8
#115692: PerlIO::encoding can croak, aborting cleanup
PUSHSTACKi/POPSTACK#98060: possible bug in PerlIO::encoding

and shows very recent edits

but , while compiling the very latest works, the tests fail with Unknown PerlIO layer "encoding"

So you should probably perlbug this, and maybe mention this thread and probably that PUSHSTACKi report