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No, I haven't heard of PSGI/Plack, before you mentioned it. It sounds intriguing, so it is tacked onto a rather long list of things I ought to investigate.

I wasn't asking why others lstudy these things. Rather, I was asking how these options relate to each other, if at all. For example, I have read that I need not change my use of DBI in order to use Apache::DBI, as DBI will use it automagically if mod_perl and Apache::DBI are both installed (I guess, with what I read since my question, it reduces to a question of whether or not I'll see a payoff by trying to use fastcgi too). But, how, for example, do fastcgi and mod_perl relate? Are they competitors? Complementary? I have been using CGI for a while, and want to improve the responsiveness of my scripts. For that reason, in addition to studying mod_perl, I am also investigating use of JavaScript+jQuery+ajax (and I am thinking possible using mod_perl handlers to return XML to my JavaScript AJAX event handlers).

I have now read some of the references you cite, and am working on the others? :-)

Thanks again