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Need Help writing LWP / HTTP Mod

by ProgrammerJutsu
on Jan 10, 2013 at 18:54 UTC ( #1012716=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
ProgrammerJutsu has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Im writing code for checking if a database of addresses are valid. i have the code to save the database into scalars using regex. and the submission to the web site but I'm getting some errors.
I have speculated where the code may be broken because im not getting any values to print to my addressUpdate.txt also im new to these functions so any tips you have help.

If someone could review the code to help me fix it, i would be very grateful. The senior programmer that im interning with is busy due to tax season. Thanks =)

Part 1:
Part 2: addresses.txt

Part 1:

#!/usr/bin/perl use LWP::Simple; use LWP::UserAgent; use HTTP::Request::Common; use Data::Dumper; #declare my @addressSave = (); my $printCSZ = ""; my $printPO = ""; my $printADD = ""; my $printSuite = ""; my $i = 0; my $poBoX = ""; my $data = ""; my $data1 = ""; my $city = ""; my $city1 = ""; my $state = ""; my $state1 = ""; my $zip = ""; my $zip1 = ""; my $address = ""; #read in my $filename = ('addresses.txt'); my $txtContent = ""; open(IN, '<', $filename); while(my $line = <IN>){ $txtContent .= $line; } close(IN); #split my @address = split(m/[\r]+/, $txtContent); my $addressL = scalar(@address); print $addressL . "\n"; #Save Address Elements to scalars while($i < $addressL){ $address = @address[$i]; if($address =~ /(\w+\s*\w*)\S\s(\w\w)\s(\d+)-*\d*/){ $state = $2; $city = $1; $zip = $3; $city1 = $city; $state1 = $state; $zip1 = $zip; } elsif($address =~ /(po\sbox\s\d+)/i){ $poBox = $1; $printPO = $poBox } elsif($address =~ /(\w*\S*\d+[\d\s\w.,#]+)/){ my $addressNum = $1; $printADD = $addressNum; } elsif($address =~ /([\w\s]+)/i){ $data = $1; $data1 .= $data; } if($address =~ /(suite\s\d+)/i){ $suite = $1; $printSuite = $suite; } if(($printADD =~ /\d+/) && ($printSuite =~ /suite\s\d+/i)){ $printADD = ""; } #Run if there are values if($city1 eq ""){ } else{ while($city1 =~ s/[\s]+/+/){}; while($state1 =~ s/[\s]+/+/){}; while($zip1 =~ s/[\s]+/+/){}; while($printPO =~ s/[\s]+/+/){}; while($printADD =~ s/[\s]+/+/){}; while($printSuite =~ s/[\s]+/+/){}; while($data1 =~ s/[\s]+/+/){}; print $printPO; print "\n"; print $printADD; print $printSuite; print "\n"; print $city1; print "\n"; print $state1; print "\n"; print $zip1; print "\n"; my %address =( 'City' => "$city1", 'State' => "$state1", 'Zip' => "$zip1", 'Address' => "$printADD", 'PoBox' => "$printPO", 'Suite' => "$printSuite"); save(\%address, \@addressSave); #TASK #### Save scalar values to a hash #### save hash values to an array #### post hash values to USPS #### Verify #### RED flag if address is not real #### Separate bad values from good values $printPO = ""; $printADD = ""; $printSuite = ""; $city1= ""; $state1 = ""; $zip1 = ""; $data1 = ""; } $i++; } #Verify if Values are correct form(\@addressSave); #Write updated Database $filename1 = ('addresssUpdate.txt'); open(IN, '>', $filename1); $i = 0; my $arrayLength = scalar(@addressSave); while($i < $arrayLength){ # while($addressSave[$i]->{City} =~ s/[+]+/ /){}; # while($addressSave[$i]->{State} =~ s/[+]+/ /){}; # while($addressSave[$i]->{Zip} =~ s/[+]+/ /){}; # while($addressSave[$i]->{Address} =~ s/[+]+/ /){}; # while($addressSave[$i]->{PoBox} =~ s/[+]+/ /){}; # while($addressSave[$i]->{Suite} =~ s/[+]+/ /){}; print IN $addressSave[$i]->{City} . "\n"; ## BROKEN? print IN $addressSave[$i]->{State} . "\n"; print IN $addressSave[$i]->{Zip} . "\n"; print IN $addressSave[$i]->{Address} . "\n"; print IN $addressSave[$i]->{PoBox} . "\n"; print IN $addressSave[$i]->{Suite} . "\n"; $i++; } close(IN); ####################################################SUBS############## +######################################SUBS sub form{ my ($addressSave) = @_; my $i = 0; my $arrayLength = scalar(@{$addressSave}); while($i < $arrayLength){ my $city = $addressSave->[$i]->{City}; #Broken here? my $state = $addressSave->[$i]->{State}; my $zip = $addressSave->[$i]->{Zip}; my $add = $addressSave->[$i]->{Address}; my $po = $addressSave->[$i]->{PoBox}; my $suite = $addressSave->[$i]->{Suite}; Dumper(\@{$addressSave}->[$i]); print "\n\n"; my $url = " +sp"; my $agent = new LWP::UserAgent; my $newPost = new HTTP::Request('GET', $url); my $currentZipCode; $newPost->content_type('application/x-www-form-urlencoded'); my $post = "name=&Company=&Address=$add+$po&city=$city&state=$ +state&zip=$zip" . $currentZipCode; ## BROKEN? print "post = " . $post . "\n"; $newPost->content($post); my $response = $agent->request($newPost); if ($response->is_success) { print "response success\n"; } ##--Handle successful post data my $htmlResult = ($response->content); if($htmlResult =~ m/<div class='Titresultablerr'>Address NOT V +erified/){ print 'Error on :' . $addressSave[$i]; delete($addressSave[$i]); print "\n"; } else{ print "Address Valid\n"; } $i++; } } sub save{ my ($address, $addressSave) = @_; push(@{$addressSave}, %{$address}); }

Part 2: addresses.txt

Alabama Alabama Bureau of Tourism & Travel PO Box 4927 Montgomery, AL 36103 Alaska Alaska Division of Tourism PO Box 110801 Juneau, AK 99811-0801 Arizona Arizona Office of Tourism 1110 W. Washington Street, Suite 155 Phoenix, AZ 85007 Arkansas Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism One Capitol Mall Little Rock, AR 72201 California California Division of Tourism PO Box 1499 Dept TIA Sacramento, CA 95812 Colorado Colorado Tourism Office 1625 Broadway Suite 2700 Denver, CO 80202 Connecticut Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism One Financial Plaza 755 Main Street Hartford, CT 06103 Delaware Delaware Tourism Office 99 Kings Highway PO Box 1401 Dover, DE 19903 Florida Florida Office of Tourism PO Box 1100 Tallahassee, FL 32302 Georgia Georgia Department of Economic Development 75 Fifth Street, N.W., Suite 1200 Atlanta, GA 30308 Hawaii Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development and Tour +ism PO Box 2359 Honolulu, HI 96804 Idaho Idaho Department of Commerce, Travel, Leisure and Tourism 700 West State St. PO Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0093 Illinois Illinois Dept. of Commerce and Community Affairs 620 E. Adams Springfield, IL 62701 Indiana Indiana Department of Tourism One North Capitol Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 Iowa Iowa Dept. of Economic Development 200 East Grand Ave. Des Moines, IA 50309 Kansas Kansas Dept. of Commerce Travel And Tourism Div. 1000 S.W. Jackson Street Suite 100 Topeka, KS 66612 Kentucky Kentucky Department of Travel 500 Mero St. #2200 Frankfurt, KY 40601 Louisiana Louisiana Dept. of Culture, Recreation and Tourism PO Box 94291 Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9291 Maine Maine Office of Tourism #59 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0059 Maryland Maryland Office of Tourism Development 217 Redwood St Baltimore, MD 21202 Massachusetts Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism 10 Park Plaza Suite 4510 Boston, MA 02116 Michigan Michigan Economic Development 300 N. Washington Sq. Lansing, MI 48913 Minnesota Minnesota Office of Tourism 500 Metro Square 121-7th PL East St. Paul, MN 55101 Mississippi Mississippi Dept. of Economic and Community Development Division of Tourism Development PO Box 849 Jackson, MS 39205 Missouri Missouri Division of Tourism PO Box 1055 Jefferson City, MO 65102 Montana Montana Department of Commerce 1424 9th Ave. PO Box 200533 Helena, MT 59620-0533 Nebraska Nebraska Tourism Office PO Box 98907 Dept. 9INT Lincoln, NE 68509-8907 Nevada Nevada Commission on Tourism 401 North Carson St. Carson City, NV 89701 New Hampshire New Hampshire Office of Tourism PO Box 1856 Concord, NH 03302 New Jersey New Jersey Commerce and Economic Growth Commission PO Box 820 20 W. State St. Trenton, NJ 08625 New Mexico New Mexico Department of Tourism 491 Old Santa Fe Trail PO Box 20002 Santa Fe, NM 87501 New York New York Department of Tourism PO Box 2603 Albany, NY 12220-0603 North Carolina North Carolina Department of Commerce 301 N. Wilmington St. Raleigh, NC 27601 North Dakota North Dakota Tourism Liberty Memorial Building 604 East Boulevard Bismark, ND 58505-0825 Ohio Ohio Department of Commerce 77 South High St 23rd Floor Columbus, OH 43266-0544 Oklahoma Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation 20 N. Robinson Avenue, 6th Floor PO Box 52002 Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2002 Oregon Oregon Toursim Commission 775 Summer St, NE Salem, OR 97310 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Tourism Office Dept. of Community & Economic Development 4th Floor, Commonwealth Keystone Building 400 North Street Harrisburg, PA 17120 Rhode Island Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation Tourism Division One West Exchange St. Providence, RI 02903 South Carolina South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and T +ourism 1205 Pendleton St Suite 106 Columbia, SC 29201 South Dakota South Dakota Department of Tourism 711 East Wells Ave. c/o 500 East Capitol Ave. Pierre, SD 57501-5070 Tennessee Tennessee Department of Tourist Development Rachel Jackson State Office Building 320 Sixth Ave., 5th Floor Nashville, TN 37243 Texas Texas Dept. of Economic Development PO Box 12728 Austin, TX 78711 Utah Utah Travel Council Council Hall Capitol Hill Salt Lake City, UT 84114 Vermont Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development Department of Tourism and Marketing 6 Baldwin St., Drawer 33 Montpelier, VT 05603-1301 Virginia Virginia Tourism Corporation 901 E. Byrd St. Richmond, VA 23219 Washington Washington State Community, Trade and Economic Developme +nt 906 Coumbia St. SW PO Box 48300 Olympia, WA 98504-8300 West Virginia West Virginia Division of Tourism 2101 Washington St., E. Charleston, WV 25305 Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Tourism 201 W. Washington Ave. PO Box 8690 Madison, WI 53708-8690 Wyoming Wyoming Travel & Tourism I-25 at College Dr. Cheyenne, WY 82002

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Re: Need Help writing LWP / HTTP Mod
by MidLifeXis (Monsignor) on Jan 10, 2013 at 19:48 UTC

    What parts of How to: Use LWP / HTTP::Request:Simple; TO->>>>>> still need clarification? This sounds like a repeat of the same question.

    Update: OP has obliterated the original question, which was essentially a long repeat of the above-linked post.

    Update 2: OP has obliterated the linked question as well.


        I like to answer questions with more questions too

      was i not clear in this post?
      go find your brain

        first of all, plz stop shouting! It's not readable anymore

        Ive been posting to this site and everyones a moron
        nothing helpful yet. just wasting time...

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