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Re: Need to have win32::API module compatible with perl

by Corion (Pope)
on Jan 15, 2013 at 08:08 UTC ( #1013325=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Need to have win32::API module compatible with perl

You have installed a PPM for Perl 5.12. This cannot work with Perl 5.6.

If you want to help us help you better, you could tell us the error messages you get when compiling Win32::API. That way we can see where it goes wrong for you. Looking at the Changes for 0.75, it seems that at least version 0.75 (again) supports Perl 5.6.

As an aside, in your case, I would really look at upgrading Perl to a more recent version, especially for new development. ActiveState Perl and Strawberry Perl offer recent versions that already include Win32::API.

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Re^2: Need to have win32::API module compatible with perl
by PerlRider (Initiate) on Jan 15, 2013 at 08:14 UTC

    I didnot install PPM separately. It was inbuilt, when installed perl 5.6. I just downloaded the win32::API-0.40 version and tried to install using PPM -- ppm intsall Win32-API.ppd. Can you please let me know the installation steps to install win32-API-0.75 on perl5.6??

      I'm sorry, I meant to say "The PPM files you downloaded" were for another version of Perl.

      You install Win32::API like you install any other Perl module:

      C:\>cpan Win32::API

      or alternatively, download and unpack Win32::API:

      C:\> cpan cpan> look Win32::API C:\...>perl Makefile.PL C:\...>perl -V:make C:\...>dmake C:\...>dmake test C:\...>dmake install

      Depending on the output of perl -V:make you might need to use a different program than dmake. Most likely that is nmake.

      See A guide to installing modules for Win32 for example.

        Hi Corion, Thanks for the reply.. Actually I need to install win32::API module on a PC where MS Visual Studio is not installed and the perl version is So, I downloaded win32-API module into my local PC where VS and perl 5.12 are installed and compiled by giving following commands: 1)perl Makefile.PL 2)nmake 3)make blib folder as Tar.gz file 4)nmake ppd After Compilation is done, I moved this tar file to destination PC and run below command: 1)ppm install Win32-API.ppd Here from your reply I am expecting that, since I compiled with perl version 5.12, I am getting the error. Isn't it? I will try with perl version 5.6 and post the results. Thanks

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