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Now that is downright interesting, because I certainly have never found that to be the case.   I use Strawberry quite a bit in connection specifically to Excel (and Outlook), specifically using OLE ... (so much for being “a troll”) ... and have never encountered a lick of trouble with it.

The key difference, if there is any (and I doubt), is that, yes, you do need to have a compiler on-hand to do a lot of these things in the Windows environment ... which Strawberry takes care of and which AS (I do believe by design) generally seeks to avoid [the need for].   AS seems to strive to do things “the Windows way,” if you will, whereas Strawberry appears in like manner to do things much closer to the way that the same things are done in Linux/Unix.

Certainly, it has never been my experience ... and (sorry, “troll-UK,” but I do have “experience” here) ... that Strawberry was in any way “problematic” with regards to using OLE.   Therefore, I have no clue where that recommendation comes from.   Perl technology worked splendidly, as did Strawberry, as did OLE.