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Hi. The following program only works for email without attachment. Then i cannot retreive the message. The gmail server says: OK message follows, but the message never arrives. Can someone please tell me why?

use Net::POP3; use Net::POP3::SSLWrapper; pop3s{$pop3=Net::POP3->new('',Port=>995,Debug=>1) or die + "no pop\n"; if ($pop3->login('','******',)>0){ $msgs = $pop3->list; foreach $mes(keys %$msgs){ $top=$pop3->top($mes); $bo = $pop3->get($mes); foreach(@$top){ if($_=~/^(From|Subject)/){ print $_;} } $pop3->delete($mes); } $pop3->quit; } }

This example used to work, but now my connection keeps hanging. Does anyone know what it normally means if such a thing happens?