in reply to RFC: I rewrote a custom sort function, but not sure if it is the best way.

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I have a few notes for you, but I'm going to apologize in advance--I don't have enough time to shorten this and clean it up nicely. So this is one of my occasional hideously long nodes, and is a bit rambly, and I'll leave out a few bits that I meant to say. I'll make use of the readonly tag, for those who don't want to see it all. With that disclaimer, here goes...

Update: When I started writing this node, there were no responses. But now davido already hit all the the high points. On the bright side, now I have a little reading material for tomorrow. I've not heard of the Guttman-Rosler transform. (Update 2: Well, Guttman-Rosler is described in the node I referenced, so I'm guessing I just forgot about it....)

Update: s/albatrioss/albatross/ig; fixed a broken document link. (update very late: 20140811)


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