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Re^3: itemconfigure in listbox (Tk)

by zentara (Archbishop)
on Mar 13, 2013 at 12:00 UTC ( #1023180=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: itemconfigure in listbox (Tk)
in thread itemconfigure in listbox (Tk)

Update: 12Oct13 Sorry about the tone of this liverpole, as events have turned out, this little spat has caused me to take a break from any coding, and devote my mind to self-realization and developing my God-conciousness. This has been the best thing that ever happened to me. You were just God's way of moving me forward, and I hold no hard feelings, and feel grateful for the experience. Om namo bhagavate Vasudevaya

No liverpole, I didn't cut'n'paste that from thundergnat, although he may have been the original source. As Anonymous Monk pointed out ( and I thank him for defending me in my absence concerning this) I considered that script so simple of an example, that I just considered it a general purpose simple example, not requiring an original author attribute.

By the way, do I need to give original author attributes to all code which I post? I thought Perl and the code presented here is considered freely given by the license? So in any event, I think your attack on me stems from some other reason ... maybe your liver is sick, I don't know, I'm not your fucking doctor, and I'm not your fucking whipping boy. I whip back.

By the way, here is a list of Tk Listbox snippets which I started collecting way back in the days of the Usenet being the only source. I didn't bother to write down who posted them, unless it was such an unusual usage, that the author should be placed as a comment in the script. Did thundergnat put a comment line in the actual code, saying he was the original author of this simple script? So F U liverpole, as a result of this unwarrented personal attack on me, I'm praying to God that you suffer horribly.

dir-select-2-listbox* drag-n-drop-listbox* drag-n-drop-listbox1* listbox* listbox-array-manipulation* listbox-array-manipulation1* listbox-arrow-keys* listbox-arrow-keys1-return-color* listbox-arrow-keys-select* listbox-arrow-keys-select1* listbox-button-3* listbox-button-3-1* listbox-colors* listbox-colors-0* listbox-colors-1* listbox-colors-2* listbox-colors-3* listbox-colors-set* listbox-colors-set1* listbox-count-items* listbox-disabled.html listbox-DnD-drag-n-drop* listbox-Double_Callbacks.html listbox-exportselection* listbox-export-selection-0-why.html listbox-file-viewer* listbox-get-curselection* listbox-Getselected* listbox-grab-entry* listbox-grab-entry-delete* listbox-How_to_move_up_down_the_row_element.html listbox-Inactive_Scroll_Bar.html listbox-leaks* listbox-leaks-fix1* listbox-leaks-fix1a* listbox-leaks-fix2* listbox-looping* listbox-multi* listbox-multi1* listbox-multi-curselection* listbox-multi-curselection1* listbox-multiple-selections* listbox-multiple-selections1* listbox-multiple-with-scroll* listbox-scroll-2-bottom* listbox-scrolled-select-transfer* listbox-scrolled-tie-2-1-scrollbar* listbox-select-files* listbox-select-files1* listbox-select-from_array* listbox-side-by-side* listbox-side-by-side0* listbox-side-by-side0a-employees* listbox-side-by-side1* listbox-side-by-side-insert* listbox-switching-windows* listbox_text_color-slowness* listbox-tied-scrolled-xy* listbox-tied-scrolled-xy1* listbox-tied-scrolled-xy2* listbox-tied-scrolled-xy2a* listbox-tied-scrolled-xy2b* listbox-update-entry-button1-click* listbox-w-checkboxes* listbox-w-checkboxes1* listbox-w-text* listbox-x-y-scroll* listbox-y-scroll-manually* num-entry-selection-listbox* option-menu-to-scrolled-listboxs* popup-menu-select-listbox* popup-menu-select-listbox1* scales-listbox-tied* scrolledlistbox* selection-listbox*

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