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Re: Streaming data using dancer

by Anonymous Monk
on Mar 14, 2013 at 19:51 UTC ( #1023543=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Streaming data using dancer

You don't have  [ $status, $headers, ] which appears to be the required argument to $respond->(), you need  $respond->( [ 200, ['Content...'] ]);

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Re^2: Streaming data using dancer
by gsiems (Deacon) on Mar 14, 2013 at 21:10 UTC
    It would be nice if that were the problem, however substituting:
    my $writer = $respond->(200, [ 'Content-Disposition' => 'attachment; filename="data.csv"' ] + );
    my $writer = $respond->([200, [ 'Content-Disposition' => 'attachment; filename="data.csv"' ] +] );
    or even just
    my $writer = $respond->([200, ['Content-Type' => 'text']] );
    still doesn't work (same error).

    I wouldn't be suprised to have it be something so simple. Unfortunately, I've only found the one example in the documentation and it's a little sparse (IMO).

      It would be nice if that were the problem ...

      Yes it would have :)

      I see by override|streaming&i=1&n=1&C=0 that dancer doesn't test interface, so its not surprising the documented examples don't work -- report bug upstream, is usually occupied

      Also, you could try searching for examples on github, its not unheard of :)

      Found it! The problem was that, even though I'm over-riding things so that it is sending back the results of the loop rather than an actual file-system file, the file-system file has to exist and dancer needs to be able to access it. Rather than dropping a helpful error message along the lines of "file does not exist" it just gacked.

      We're happy now...

        Apparently you can also use  \'fake file' with the contents being 'fake file' :)

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