in reply to Old Monks go gentle into that good night.

Perl monks, it seems, by and large, don't go out with a bang - they just go gentle into that good night. One minute a Perl Monk brimming with years of knowledge and skill, the next minute there will never be cause for another conversation about Perl for the rest of their lives.
Though I suspect you're right (by and large), it's problematic to verify. For example, consider: I understand -- from their public Perl activities -- that these monks are still actively involved with Perl, it's just that they don't hang out here very much nowadays. These are some of the more well-known Perl monks. What about monks who continue to actively use Perl at work, but don't publicly participate in the Perl community anymore? It's impossible to know how many fit into that category.

Sometimes monks disappear for years, then reappear. Sometimes, sadly, they shuffle off this mortal coil.