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Nice Snippet, I really should get into LWP::Simple. One thing I noticed though.
(reverse sort {$a <=> $b }keys %node)[0..9]
Can be achived without the explicit reverse just by changing the order of $a and $b in the sort subroutine.
(sort {$b <=> $a }keys %node)[0..9]
Sorry to be pedantic, it was bugging me :)

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RE: RE: PerlMonks Newest 10 Nodes Grabber
by httptech (Chaplain) on May 05, 2000 at 00:10 UTC
    Yeah, but we can throw most of that snippet out the window now, as Vroom has told me about

    So here is the rewritten snippet. (Note that it now retrieves 12 headlines instead of 10. Or how many ever Vroom decides to put into headlines.rdf)

    use LWP::Simple; $/ = undef; my $slurp = get(""); push @node, [$1,$2] while $slurp =~ /<item>\s*<title\s*>([^<]*)<\/title>\s*<link\s*>([^< +]*)/gio; print map { "<a href=\"$_->[1]\">$_->[0]</a>\n" } @node;