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Re: Help with regex - find captured pattern twice

by hbm (Hermit)
on Apr 09, 2013 at 23:37 UTC ( #1027865=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Help with regex - find captured pattern twice

A bit broader than you specified - this replaces any single letter and optional parenthetical value.

$_= "c*theta*h^(1+psi)=(1-alpha)*y;\n1 = beta*(c/c(+1)*alpha*y(+1)/k+( +1-delta));\ny = a*(k(-1)^alpha)*(h^(1-alpha));\nk = y-c+(1-delta)*k(- +1);\nln(a) = rho*ln(a(-1))+ e;\n"; s/(?<!\pL)(\pL)(\([\d+-]+\))?(?!\pL)/(${1}SS*exp($1$2))/g; print; #prints (cSS*exp(c))*theta*(hSS*exp(h))^(1+psi)=(1-alpha)*(ySS*exp(y)); 1 = beta*((cSS*exp(c))/(cSS*exp(c(+1)))*alpha*(ySS*exp(y(+1)))/(kSS*ex +p(k))+(1-delta)); (ySS*exp(y)) = (aSS*exp(a))*((kSS*exp(k(-1)))^alpha)*((hSS*exp(h))^(1- +alpha)); (kSS*exp(k)) = (ySS*exp(y))-(cSS*exp(c))+(1-delta)*(kSS*exp(k(-1))); ln((aSS*exp(a))) = rho*ln((aSS*exp(a(-1))))+ (eSS*exp(e));

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Re^2: Help with regex - find captured pattern twice
by pachydermic (Beadle) on Apr 11, 2013 at 13:52 UTC

    Wow. What the heck is that monstrosity?! Well done.

    Would you mind explaining that regex? I think that \pL references a unicode character class (from this page: but I'm still kind of baffled by what's going on...

      You might read it as this:

      s/ (?<! # 2. NOT preceded by \pL # a letter ) ( # 1. Capture \pL # a letter ) ( # 3. Capture \( # open paren; [\d+-]+ # one or more digits, plus, minus; \) # close paren )? # (Zero or one time) (?! # 4. NOT followed by \pL # a letter ) /(${1}SS*exp($1$2))/gx;

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