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by xjar (Pilgrim)
on Aug 08, 2001 at 23:50 UTC ( #103197=sourcecode: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Category: E-mail Programs
Author/Contact Info xjar
Description: -=SUMMARY=-

pemail is a Perl project I am working on to better learn the Perl language, and to develop my coding skills in general. I don't expect others to find much use out of it, as there are already tools that do its jobs much better, but this is mostly for my own benefit.

pemail allows you to view POP3 email from the command line, with a fairly intuitive interface, much like the UNIX mail(1) command does. pemail also allows you to send email from the same interface, making it pretty much an all in one mail client for the UNIX command line.

pemail requires the Mail::POP3Client and MIME::Lite Perl modules to work.


reading email: pemail -P <server> [-u <username> [-p <password>]]
sending email: pemail -s [address]

Just fill out the information requested and pemail will check your POP3 mailbox, tell you how many messages you have, and then you can do what you like with them.


- Hmm... a good thing to try putting in would be forwarding and replying to emails...

I'm putting this code up here for suggestions on features to add and any possible bugs to fix... unfortunatley pemail as a project has stagnated and I haven't done any work on it since Dec. 19, 2000.

More info on pemail can be had at (when the cable modem is working correctly... sigh). Also of note is that this program was listed in Linux Journal's "Focus on Software" column sometime in late 2000 (don't have the issue handy for an exact month).


# pemail
# ======
# Perl Mail Client
# (c) 2000 Mike Roessing
# Incorporating changes made by Philip Nelson
# ( to listmsgs()

use Mail::POP3Client;
use MIME::Lite;
use Term::ReadKey;
use strict;

my $version = 1.2;
my $servername;
my $pop;
my $username;
my $password;




sub readswitches {
    my($version) = @_;


    if ((defined($ARGV[0])) && (($ARGV[0] eq "-h") || ($ARGV[0] eq "--
+help"))) {
    } elsif ((defined($ARGV[0])) && (($ARGV[0] eq "-v") || ($ARGV[0] e
+q "--version"))) {
        print "pemail v$version\n";
    } elsif ((defined($ARGV[0])) && (($ARGV[0] eq "-s"))) {
        my $emailto = $ARGV[1];
        sendmsg("command", $emailto);
    } elsif ((defined($ARGV[0])) && ($ARGV[0] eq "-P")) {
        $servername = $ARGV[1];
        if ((defined($ARGV[2])) && ($ARGV[2] eq "-u")) {
            if ((!defined($ARGV[3])) || ($ARGV[3] eq "")) {
                print "Please specify a user name with -u.\n";
            } else {
                $username = $ARGV[3];
            if ((defined($ARGV[4])) && ($ARGV[4] eq "-p")) {
                if ((!defined($ARGV[5])) || ($ARGV[5] eq "")) {
                    print "Please specify a password with -p.\n";
                } else {
                    $password = $ARGV[5];
            } elsif (defined($ARGV[4])) {
                print "Invalid switch: $ARGV[4]\n";
        } elsif ((defined($ARGV[2])) && ($ARGV[2] eq "-p")) {
            print "Please use -u to specify a username before using -p
        } elsif (defined($ARGV[2])) {
            print "Invalid switch: $ARGV[2]\n";
    } else {
        print "You must specify a POP3 server with the -P switch first

sub showhelp {
    my($from) = @_;
    if ($from eq "interface") {
        print "pemail: Perl Email: v$version\n";
                print "---------------------------\n";
                print "h                print this help\n";
                print "d                mark a message for deletion\n"
                print "u                unmark any messages marked for
+ deletion\n";
                print "l                list messages in your mailbox 
+(5 at a time)\n";
                print "#                view message #\n";
                print "s                send a message\n";
            print "q                quit pemail\n";
            print "\nCommand [h for help]: ";
        } elsif ($from eq "command") {
        print "Usage to view pop3 messages: pemail -P server [-u usern
+ame [-p password]]\n";
        print "Usage to send a message:     pemail -s [address]\n";
        print "  -h, --help            show this help text\n";
        print "  -P pop3server                  use pop3server as the 
+pop3 server\n";
        print "  -u username            use username as the pop3 login
+ name\n";
        print "  -p password            use password as the pop3 login
+ password\n";
        print "  -s                send an email from the command line
        print "  -v, --version            show version number\n";

sub serverconnect {
    my($server) = @_;

    if (!defined($username)) {
        print "Please enter your user name: ";
        chomp($username = <STDIN>);
    if (!defined($password)) {
        print "Please enter your password: ";
        chomp($password = ReadLine(0));
        print "\n";

    $pop = new Mail::POP3Client(    USER        => "$username",
                    PASSWORD    => "$password",
                    HOST        => "$server",
                    AUTH_MODE    => "PASS" );

    my $state = $pop->State;
    if ($state eq "TRANSACTION") {
        my $nummsgs = $pop->Count();
        if ($nummsgs > 0) {
            print "You have $nummsgs messages in your mailbox.\n\n";
        } else {
            print "You have no messages in your mailbox.\n\n";
    } else {
        print "Could not connect to POP3 server.\nCheck user name and/
+or password, and make sure the server is available.\n";

sub interface {
    my $from;
    my $subject;
    my($nummsgs) = @_;

    print "Command [h for help]: ";
    while (my $answer = <STDIN>) {
        chomp ($answer);
        if ($answer eq "h") {
        } elsif ($answer eq "d") {
        } elsif ($answer eq "u") {
        } elsif ($answer eq "l") {
        } elsif ($answer eq "s") {
            sendmsg("interface", "");
        } elsif ($answer eq "q") {
        } elsif (($answer > 0) && ($answer < 1000)) {
        } else {
            print "$answer is not a valid pemail command.\n\nCommand [
+h for help]: ";

sub deletemsg {
    print "Enter a message # to delete: ";
    chomp (my $message = <STDIN>);
    print "Message $message marked for deletion.\n\n";
    print "\nCommand [h for help]: ";

sub undelete {
    print "All messages marked for deletion will not be deleted.\n\n";
    print "\nCommand [h for help]: ";

sub listmsgs {
    # Get list of message numbers and their size
    # Process each message individually
    my $count = 0;
    foreach my $listline(split /^/m, $pop->List()) {
        my $msg_number ;
        my $msg_size   ;
        my %header_data;
        if ($listline =~ /(\d+)\s+(\d+)/o) {
            $msg_number = $1;
            $msg_size   = $2;

            printf "Message #: %05d\tMessage Size: %10d\n",$msg_number
+, $msg_size;

            # Load headers into hash
            # (only first lines separated by colon)
            %header_data = ();
            foreach my $headline(split /^/m, $pop->Head($msg_number)) 
                if ($headline =~ /(.+):\s(.+)/) {
                    $header_data{$1} = $2;
            #     print map { "$_ => $header_data{$_}\n" } keys %heade
            my $from = $header_data{"From"};
            my $subj = $header_data{"Subject"};
            printf "From     : $from\n";
            printf "Subject  : $subj\n";
            printf "==================================================
        if ((($count % 5) == 0) && ($count != 0)) {
            print "Hit <enter> to continue (q then <enter> to quit)";
            my $any_key;
            chomp($any_key = ReadLine(0));
            if ($any_key eq "q") {
                print "\n";
            print "\n\n";
    print "\nCommand [h for help]: ";

sub viewmsg {
    my($message) = @_;
    my $from;
    my $subject;
    my $body = $pop->Body($message);
    foreach ($pop->Head($message)) {
        if ($_ =~ /^From:\s+/i) {
            $from = $_;
        } elsif ($_ =~ /^Subject:\s+/i) {
            $subject =$_;
    open (MORE,"|more");
    print MORE "\n$from\n$subject\n$body\n";
    close (MORE);
    print "\nCommand [h for help]: ";

sub sendmsg {
        my $receiver = undef;
    my($sentfrom, $emailto) = @_;
    if ($emailto ne "") {
        $receiver = $emailto;
    my $i = 0;
    while ( (!defined($receiver)) || ($receiver eq "\n") ) {
        if ( $i > 0 ) {
            print "\nYou must enter at least one recipient.\n";
        } else {
            print "Enter your recipients, entries separated by a comma
        print "To: ";
        $receiver = <STDIN>;

    print "\nEnter your Cc list, entries separated by a comma (leave b
+lank for none).\nCc: ";
    my $cc = <STDIN>;

    print "\nSubject: ";
    my $subject = <STDIN>;

    print "\nNow type the body of the message, ending it with a <Ctrl>
+-d on a newline:\n";
    my @message = <STDIN>;

    my $user = `whoami`;
    my $domain = `hostname -d`;

    my $new_message = MIME::Lite->new(
            From    =>"$user\@$domain",
            To      =>"$receiver",
            Cc      =>"$cc",
            Subject =>"$subject",
            Type    =>'TEXT',
            Data    =>" @message");

    print "\nWould you like to attach a file [y/n]? ";
    my $attachans = <STDIN>;
    chomp ($attachans);
    while (($attachans ne "y") && ($attachans ne "n")) {
        print "\n$attachans is not a valid response.  Would you like t
+o attach a file [y/n]? ";
        $attachans = <STDIN>;
        chomp ($attachans);
    while ($attachans ne "n") {
        print "\nWould you like to attach another file [y/n]? ";
        $attachans = <STDIN>;
        chomp ($attachans);
        while (($attachans ne "y") && ($attachans ne "n")) {
            print "\n$attachans is not a valid response.  Would you li
+ke to attach another file [y/n]? ";
            $attachans = <STDIN>;
            chomp ($attachans);

    if ($sentfrom eq "interface") {
        print "\nMessage sent.\n\nCommand [h for help]: ";
    } else {
        print "\nMessage sent.\n\n";

sub addattachment()
    my($msg) = @_;
    print "\nPlease enter the full path to the file: ";
    my $file = <STDIN>;
    chomp ($file);
    if (!checkfile($file)) {
        print "File cannot be found: $file\n";
        return 0;
    my @parts = split(/\//,$file);
    my $filename = pop (@parts);
    print "\n$filename has been attached.\n";
    $msg->attach(    Type        => 'BINARY',
            Path        => "$file",
            Filename    => "$filename"

sub checkfile()
    my($file) = @_;
    my @stuff = stat($file) || return 0;
    return 1;
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Re: pemail
by Anonymous Monk on Oct 21, 2002 at 10:38 UTC
    Hi, I am writing a pop3 client in C but I am struck at some points. It would be a great help if you can provide some reference material on pop3 client. My email is Thanks, Sagar.

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