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Re^7: how to print out side of for loop?

by Anneq (Vicar)
on May 31, 2013 at 16:05 UTC ( #1036261=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^6: how to print out side of for loop?
in thread how to print out side of for loop?

I've been to many many countries, and have had the experience of communicating with people from many different situations and cultural backgrounds.

You might be surprised at how many people will NOT speak up when they don't understand what is being said. Some will turn away and ask someone else, again and again, until they find what they need. Some people are so beaten down that they run away from harshness, even when it is aimed at trying to help them.

Whatever the reason, pride, embarrassment, shyness, language difficulties, its ok to point out where they may be going wrong, but to do it over and over, when it is not working, is pointless. Isn't it?

Go back and look at virudinesh's posts. He is trying to do something. May even be in a very bad situation.

NO, DON'T actively try to push him out of perlmonks. Just ignore what you don't like or understand and move on to other posts. He won't break perlmonks. He may annoy some, but they will survive.

virudinesh can only handle a job like street cleaning? What can be said to you, Jenda? Where to start?

I'm sure you didn't really mean that and would like to take it back, right? Sometimes we say things without realizing the impact? I've done that.

I love perlmonks. But allowing myself to get involved in these topics really sucks the fun out of it. Its just that I can't stand it when I think someone is being bullied.


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Re^8: how to print out side of for loop?
by Jenda (Abbot) on May 31, 2013 at 17:36 UTC

    Yes, he is most probably in a bad situation. He got himself hired into a position he's not fit for. Probably by "improving" his CV.

    He may either go back to learning and this time actually try or change the job and go do something he may be good at.

    Enoch was right!
    Enjoy the last years of Rome.

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