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BrowserUK, didn’t you “forget” to log in?

There is nothing “personal,&rduo; nor technically un-informed, about my specific comments here, most specifically including the comment about processes vs. threads.   Threads in every programming system share a single process-level context; hence, the same memory-management system.   During the course of execution, a “leaky” procedure can, in time, accumulate an excess amount of unrecoverable memory.   In a context of threads, that memory is never cleaned-up, whereas by definition the entire context of a process, is.

If the “hari kiri” approach didn’t work, as a way of dealing in a black-box fashion with leaky faucets, then it would not be the case that Apache, nginix, and PSGI (Plack) all have specific means by which to do just that.   My comments are technically valid at face value, as they were intended to be.   If you have disagreement, then (a) show yourself, and (b) comment about the technical statements, not the Monk making them.