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Re^4: Using Splice with Two Arrays within a loop

by Anonymous Monk
on Jun 10, 2013 at 20:42 UTC ( #1038155=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Using Splice with Two Arrays within a loop
in thread Using Splice with Two Arrays within a loop

Thanks for the help. Question I still require to keep the die statement in the code however not sure how I put it in without the die statement printing out instead of the correct answer. Thanks for any input
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Re^5: Using Splice with Two Arrays within a loop
by hdb (Monsignor) on Jun 10, 2013 at 20:47 UTC

    Now with death build in.

    sub interleave_words { my @results = splice @_, shift; die "Arrays of different size\n" unless @results == @_; splice @results, 2*$_, 0, shift for 0..@results-1; return @results; }
      Thanks for the response however as I mentioned I am new to this so where would I add the code you gave in the following script:
      #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; my @first = qw(Can unlock secret); my @second = qw(you the code?); my @mixed = interleave_words( scalar(@first), @first, @second ); print "Result: @mixed\n"; sub interleave_words { my $count = shift; my @results = splice @_, $count; foreach my $index ( 0 .. $count-1 ) { splice @results, 2*$index, 0, shift; } return @results; }
      Again many thanks

        The code for  sub interleave_words { ... } in hdb's reply is an alternative definition of the subroutine. Put it in place of the definition of the subroutine of the same name you have here.

        This develops into quite an interesting conversation. I would be grateful if could tell a bit more about the assignment you mentioned.

        I am wondering whether understanding the solution is part of the assignement. If you carefully compare the two previous pieces of code, you should be able to work out where the die statement fits in. It does not even have to be modified in any way. If you cannot work it out, then you would not be able to answer any kind of question about the solution you submit.

        Or is the assignment to find someone to write the code for you based on the given spec?

        Please do not understand me wrong! I quite like to provide answers on PM, so I don't mind either way. I am only curious what you will do you with the information provided here and whether it will really help you.

        The other thing I am wondering is about the person who gave you the assignment. Surely, s(he) must be aware about this website and will compare answers given here with submitted answers to the assignment?

        End of day in Europe now. Good night!

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