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Re: Delete files from server after downloading using SFTP

by hbm (Hermit)
on Jun 11, 2013 at 21:15 UTC ( #1038341=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Delete files from server after downloading using SFTP

I recommend sleep-and-retry, for that inevitable transmission problem:

sub removeRemoteFile { my $file = shift; for (1 .. 5) { return TRUE if $sftp -> remove($file); sleep 30; } return FALSE; }

Actually, I tend to pass a hash of configuration details (hostname, username, retries, sleep time, etc.) and do this:

sub removeRemoteFile { my %args = @_; for (1 .. $args{RETRIES}) { return TRUE if $sftp -> remove("$args{FILE}"); sleep $args{SLEEP}; } return FALSE; }

I do a similar sleep and retry for any get and put, but also compare remote and local file sizes:

sub getFile { my %args = @_; my $name = $args{FILE}; $name =~ s|.*/||; for (1 .. $args{RETRIES}) { my $size; if ($sftp -> get($args{FILE},"$args{LOCAL}/$name")) { $size = -s "$args{LOCAL}/$name"; } return TRUE if defined $size && $size == $args{RSIZE}; sleep $args{SLEEP}; } unlink "$args{LOCAL}/$name" if -f "$args{LOCAL}/$name"; return FALSE; }

When removing files, I do so IF the respective put or get is successful. Something like:

for my $file ( ... ) { if (getFile( ... )) { if (!removeRemoteFile( ... )) { warn "Couldn't remove remote $file!\n" } } else { warn "Couldn't download $args{REMOTE}/$file!\n"; } }

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