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Re^4: DBI placeholders and like statement

by erix (Prior)
on Jun 19, 2013 at 21:26 UTC ( #1039842=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: DBI placeholders and like statement
in thread DBI placeholders and like statement

where name like ? || '%'

But that still won't use an index [...]

Well, it depends.

From PostgreSQL 9.1 onwards, indexes (made by the trigram extension pg_trgm, an extension that comes with postgres) can be used in like searches. (careful, trigram indexes are large, and therefore not always appropriate).

A test with a 1-column table, filled with 80-characters 'random' strings; 1 million rows. There happened to be two rows that start with 'erix', so I'll use those as search target (i.e.: where txt like 'erix%').

-- index created like this: create index azjunk6_trgm_re_idx on azjunk6 using gin (txt gin_trgm_ops); -- running a psql session, showing both -- the regular output, and the EXPLAIN: $ psql Timing is on. psql (9.2.4) Type "help" for help. testdb=# prepare ps(text) as select txt from azjunk6 where txt like $1 || '%'; --> $1 is ? in +DBI/DBD::Pg PREPARE Time: 13.785 ms testdb=# execute ps('erix'); txt ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +------------ erixeweq jp ayoyu marqnrjr ughinmfwklvmzxtrfafy mvwf ond wrz lg yso +tkgli ne n erix onka fp ax erk ddcduajmv yrltcfjsfghlt pq cmdfximql jj ckyzhpwhc +q zkakna (2 rows) Time: 54.482 ms testdb=# explain analyze execute ps('erix'); QUERY PLAN ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +------------------------------------------------------------- Bitmap Heap Scan on azjunk6 (cost=108.78..484.93 rows=100 width=81) +(actual time=48.901..48.913 rows=2 loops=1) Recheck Cond: (txt ~~ 'erix%'::text) Rows Removed by Index Recheck: 16 -> Bitmap Index Scan on azjunk6_trgm_re_idx (cost=0.00..108.75 ro +ws=100 width=0) (actual time=48.882..48.882 rows=18 loops=1) Index Cond: (txt ~~ 'erix%'::text) Total runtime: 48.957 ms (6 rows) Time: 49.714 ms -- look mum no hints testdb=#

( And yes, it is faster: with the index removed, it takes 147.060 ms )

Even better: PostgreSQL 9.3 (in beta ATM) lets trgm index on regexen.

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