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This section is only for discussing issues pertaining to the PerlMonks web site. You can ask about how things work, or offer ideas on how the site could be improved, for example.

Unless the topic pertains to the PerlMonks web site, it does not belong in this section. If you're unsure, check out Where should I post X? and The Perl Monks Guide to the Monastery, or ask in the chatterbox.

PerlMonks Discussions
confusing style when A reply falls below the community's threshold of quality. You may see it by logging in.
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by Anonymous Monk
on Jan 15, 2020 at 19:05
Missing "Front-paged by" data
3 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by Athanasius
on Jan 15, 2020 at 01:56
Unable to Approve #11110824
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by kcott
on Jan 02, 2020 at 00:33

    I've been trying to approve "Old Programmer New To Perl" (#11110824) without success. The "Approve" box can be checked but, when the "moderate" button is clicked, the "Approve" box just becomes unchecked.

    I successfully upvoted the OP but was still unable to "Approve".

    — Ken

Message Inbox: can't see any messages
1 direct reply — Read more / Contribute
by eyepopslikeamosquito
on Nov 25, 2019 at 16:07

    When I click on my Message Inbox I am told there are 218 messages in my Inbox ... but they are not displayed. I have used this feature for years, it used to display my messages but seemed to stop doing so a while ago. It's possible I've mucked up my configuration somehow. Advice on how to troubleshoot welcome.

Perl Monks Birthday?
4 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by perldigious
on Nov 18, 2019 at 16:48

    Did Perl Monks just have its twentieth birthday a week ago? I'm only basing that on vroom's user created date of November 11th 1999...

    If that's true, Perl Monks should be excited because it can finally drink legally in the United States in just one more year. :-)

    Just another Perl hooker - My clients appreciate that I keep my code clean but my comments dirty.
New Questions/Answers
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by aartist
on Nov 07, 2019 at 09:08
    How do I find out the latest categorized questions or answers ?
unequal treatment
6 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by daxim
on Oct 26, 2019 at 04:33
    Time line:
    1. jdporter posts an indignity directed at me.
    2. I retaliate in kind.
    3. marto sends me a message my post was deleted.
    4. I message marto whether he's going to delete the originating post.
    5. He replies with a suggestion to "flag it appropriately".
    6. I submit the originating post for deletion.
    7. My submission is deleted.
    I will not suffer this injustice. Either restore my post or delete jdporter's.
Let's be the albatross
3 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by stevieb
on Oct 15, 2019 at 17:04

    Remove yourself from political thought, frustration from things gone by strict adherence to protocol and the overall 'set in my ways, so fsck everything else'.

    Perlmonks to me is a safe place. A place where I've been able to ask questions or talk about numerous programming languages, mathematical equations, statistical analysis and things I never figured a fellow Perl programmer would understand.

    Thing is, the Perl programmers here did understand.

    I have been welcomed here for all of my technical life essentially, and I've done my best to reciprocate that back. I have respect and admiration for those who are for, and opposed to what I think. That's the premise of PM to me.

    Everyone appears to want to divide PM into this or that. We don't do politics here; we are not divisive by nature, and we shouldn't behave as such.

    As well-versed, experienced (possibly Open Source) programmers (some of us with Perl as our star language), inclusiveness is key. Whether that means allowing 'other' languages here or not is not for me to say. I will say though that I was accepted here as something, so were you, so if you're asking questions or answering them: "Where were you in life when you ran into Perlmonks. What did you acquire from the site? What did you learn from the people there?"

    Pushing off those who ask questions unrelated is our business, and we've done it for years politely. Demanding and advocating a select subset of programmers based on language isn't our business.


Inclusion of Raku on PerlMonks
7 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by haukex
on Oct 14, 2019 at 09:52

    The document The Path to Raku includes this:

    Sites such as PerlMonks appear to be really Perl (aka Perl 5) focused, and could possible make that clear in their description, or change their description to specifically include Raku.

    Although it's true that most of the nodes posted on PM are about Perl 5, several of the gods have made it clear on several occasions that Perl 6 / Raku posts are welcome. So this node is just to point out that references to "Raku" should probably be included in the PerlMonks description, although I'm not yet sure what the best way to do so is.

    Also, I'm not sure if it's feasible to go back and change existing posts, but perhaps we should standardize a [raku] tag for post titles.

supersearch: how to match words?
5 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by rsFalse
on Sep 20, 2019 at 11:56
    Hello, I tried to supersearch about "trie", but many other words occurred as search result. How can I set borders to the word?
Test post for <code> and <pre>
6 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by siberia-man
on Sep 16, 2019 at 13:39
    This is new thread as a branch from the 11104437. Initially I've been said:
    Please use <code> or <pre> tags for code samples, otherwise PM interprets [...] as links.
    My post has had a code rounded by <pre> only. Later I modified it to apply rounding with <pre><code> to avoid the mentioned isue.

    I confirm that anything like [...] is converted to links. <pre><code> resolve this issue. However (for me personally) the <code> generates a monospace text in the tiny font size.

    This one is rounded with <pre> only:
    something having "word"
    within square brackets word
    This one is rounded with <code> only:
    something having "word" within square brackets [word]
    This one is rounded with <pre><code>:
    something having "word" within square brackets [word]
    This one is rounded with <code><pre>:
    <pre> something having "word" within square brackets [word] </pre>
FIXED: Missing vote button on Snippets page
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by talexb
on Aug 14, 2019 at 15:35

    I found myself on this page just now, and, as one does, went to upvote one of the nodes. Except -- there was no Vote button.

    I checked that I was still logged in (there are monks who shall remain nameless that mention they get logged out ALL tHE TIME), but that wasn't the problem.


    Updated 2019-0815 @ 1052ET Thanks, the vote button has reappeared. Thanks everyone!

    Alex / talexb / Toronto

    Thanks PJ. We owe you so much. Groklaw -- RIP -- 2003 to 2013.

New Newest Nodes default for Show nodes created within the past days ... Newest Nodes Settings
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by Anonymous Monk
on Aug 11, 2019 at 15:20
    My suggestion is to make

    7 the

    New Newest Nodes default for Show nodes created within the past


    days ... Newest Nodes Settings

reap, troll-feeding of reaped troll
5 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by LanX
on Aug 03, 2019 at 09:55
    Dear monastery

    A fellow monk singlehandedly invented the reap category "troll-feeding", and keeps applying it as consideration.

    It's normally declined, but I'm wondering why so many people still consider this reap worthy.

    Or do people nowadays just always click reap when they see a consideration?

    I'm bringing this up, because this amounts to a silent change in policy which should be discussed.

    FWIW: I wrote this comment before the parent was considered, and it was not apparent for me that it's really worth reaping.

    But still, if we start inventing such categories it'll border at censorship, at least.

    Cheers Rolf
    (addicted to the Perl Programming Language :)
    Wikisyntax for the Monastery FootballPerl is like chess, only without the dice

It's been ten years ...
2 direct replies — Read more / Contribute
by afoken
on Jul 29, 2019 at 13:06

    Do you remember what happened today, 10 years ago?

    No, not my first posting, that was a little bit earlier, still as Anonymous Monk. (Probably this one.)

    Also not my first posting as afoken, also a little bit earlier.

    So, what happened?

    What happened? happened.

    Some script-kiddie has demonstrated that storing passwords in plain text was (and still is) a pretty stupid idea. Caught perlmonks with pants down.

    Promises were made:

    Closing the Hole

    PerlMonks admins are working with the folks (who manage our hardware and connectivity resources) to evaluate and strengthen security on the servers. No information is available at this time as to the status of this effort.

    Strengthening Authentication

    The administrators are planning to implement hashed passwords (allowing more than 8 chars).

    Now guess the current state. Or, just test it: Enter your user name into What's my password?. Click the submit button. Open your mail box.

    This is what I received:

    Subject: Password Mail
    Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 12:46:51 -0400
    X-Mailer: Perl script ""
            using Mail::Sender 0.8.10 by Jenda Krynicky, Czechlands
            running on (
            under account "root"
    Message-ID: <>
    Hey there.
    You or someone else has requested a password for your username or e-mail
    Before you freak out, take a few deep breaths and remember that it's YOU
    and not THEM who is getting this password.
    Here's your info:
    username: afoken
    passwd: *** DELETED FROM THE MAIL BODY ***
    human name: Alexander Foken
    love, the management


    Perlmonks' pants are still down, ten years later.

    See also:


    Today I will gladly share my knowledge and experience, for there are no sweeter words than "I told you so". ;-)

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