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It took FROGGS about 6 weeks (about May 19th) to pass the first 400 tests, 4 weeks (about June 19th) to pass the next 400, and 2 weeks for the next 400.

Compare with the Rakudo/JVM port. jnthn began the branch around 20th April. He got to "hello world" on May 14th. The port was passing about 60% as many tests as the Parrot port by mid June. Today it's at 90%. The v5 project isn't going to go as fast as that, but I doubt it's close to the first inflexion of the S-curve of progress.

I'm familiar with your complaints about jnthn's nom predictions. However, I haven't taken your word for it, nor have I focused on that single datapoint, but have instead watched #perl6 daily for 2 years. (I did not begin to speak up here at PM about P6 until I'd been doing that for around 6 months.) The P6 project, including jnthn, has been consistently delivering on the projections I've seen made internally over the last 2 years. I am confident that v5 will grow in to another useful option available to Perl 5 programmers over the next few years, even when one or more nqp backends deliver some level of XS compatibility.

The context for my comments was clearly not things folk can use right now to rely on -- or even get stuff done unreliably. sundialsvc4's language about something he "could actually USE right now" isn't, ironically, about something he could actually use right now. It's about something he wants in the future. The same is true with Ralesk's comment. S/he's talking about there being an experiment to produce something new. But it is clear that v5 isn't someone just dreaming; it was Larry's idea since near the start of the P6 project, there's now substantive code, there's a good architecture, there's a plan, you can run it right now.

Really this is about the classic virtues of laziness, impatience and hubris that Larry invented as guidelines for creating a better future. The laziness that says we want P5 to run faster, out of the box, without fiddling. The impatience that says "why not start now?" The hubris that's about thinking we can get it done rather than fearing the future.

It is not about the laziness you are demonstrating of reacting only to first impressions, the impatience you are demonstrating that leads one to act before thoroughly investigating or caring about others, or the hubris you are demonstrating of believing you're a god because you're famous.

I glanced at another comment you've posted that appears to be full of shouting. I've decided I'm not going to bother to read it for a few days. If it contains something you would like to see a response to quickly, try posting again with less bolded text. Thanks.