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Rakudo's gather/take implementation is lazy. (And so is Niecza's.)

Please reread what I wrote. There is no spin. I can't stop you seeing it if you believe it's there. But it is not there.

I'm hoping that you can see that you misinterpreted my words and were then unfair to me (and P6). I'm hoping you can switch to a space of wonder, love, and open mindedness in response. If so, I have a request. Please look elsewhere in this thread, reading what others say and then interpreting my words as if I was sincere, not spinning (I'm not). Rinse, repeat, (but don't spin) for as long as you see my words in a new light. Then report back here or PM me or just ponder the world. I will appreciate this even if you fail to see things differently. Thanks. :)

Constant misinterpretation is the lot of most humans. I suspect it is my lot at PerlMonks no matter how hard I try. But it would suck if you have permanently joined the ranks of the rabidly anti P6. :P