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Re: How to communicate between port for socket programming

by golux (Hermit)
on Jul 15, 2013 at 23:17 UTC ( #1044472=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How to communicate between port for socket programming

Hi bh_perl,

First, you've already asked the same question here. We've asked you some questions in return that you still haven't answered, such as ...

  1. Do you have access to the server-side code?
  2. Have you tried logging to a local file to see what's happening on the server side?
  3. What happens when you check the return value from the call to recv?
  4. What happens when you inspect $? after calling recv?
  5. How did you obtain the data trace packet? (This from zork42)

It doesn't help to repost your question. Besides which, the code you posted is not the code you ran, because these lines are commented out:

# read the message sent by server. #my $serverdata = <$socket>; #print "Message from Server : $serverdata \n";

and yet your output (impossibly) contains:

Message from Server :

I would suggest you go back to your previous node and think about the suggestions and questions we've already posed.

And please make sure that your output is from the same code posted, otherwise it will make it hard for us to help you.

say  substr+lc crypt(qw $i3 SI$),4,5

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