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Re: phi div by 0 error

by perlaintdead (Scribe)
on Sep 01, 2013 at 15:20 UTC ( #1051819=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to phi div by 0 error

Implemented Math::BigFloat and set the for loop iteration to 1000. I got this.

1.61803398874989134108149616839120102549529239736894442545810864027200 +4672370011 5821867348448257489376743928929399432794736492740848900619637044468374 +2207769895 5284871351149952419914396715116304293153432202518784423148528900571338 +6036307288 2666653413158187588889523960353654538133067018527952357922321879257356 +7283883127 7094213145824463279151550928901338078022671782538720109128857973217206 +4435763570 4834109645509800631132924524020295001913106367168146749062307167701770 +4214956950 4993984233902344817301165562098038711338438280454536671077633488806776 +2538380409 4923932589997007833231933734402447427253643144652108581074116780141710 +8024560671 5128413634249080667591897167775382994790390597191607264786128916197903 +0377805716 0904108406395045059538778428623236698441468433287357807746043807953509 +2604173695 2869797766388741261679692402860638102715386529683999970737044861693007 +8122405879 3542093499009637260570055508183563356247329736259263178694538356045137 +3449390853 2681011158895040808014625634585023423690443466557686937200000000000000 +0000000000

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Re^2: phi div by 0 error
by perlaintdead (Scribe) on Sep 01, 2013 at 19:23 UTC

    I progressively got more and more extreme. I now have 97705 digits of Phi.

        It was the same up until 1.6180339887498948 it probably has to do with my use of Fibonacci numbers
        UPDATE: i used Math::BigInt on the numbers going into @list and it's alot more accurate

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