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Re: Who gave (and continues to give) Tye McQueen his authority for his autocratic domination of PerlMonks?

by daxim (Chaplain)
on Sep 02, 2013 at 14:17 UTC ( #1051941=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Who gave (and continues to give) Tye McQueen his authority for his autocratic domination of PerlMonks?

What's the caprice and autocracy? Details of your charge plox, or it didn't happen.
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Re^2: Who gave (and continues to give) Tye McQueen his authority for his autocratic domination of PerlMonks?
by Buk (Novice) on Sep 02, 2013 at 14:34 UTC

    And whaddaya know.

    After 10+ years of using the same login;m my userid suddenly no longer works.

    You wanted capreice; you got it.

    No doubt that this id will disappear forthwith; but till then, this is BrowserUk under enforcved alias. (Ps. I *never* give up!)

      Recently, I had an issue with my login no longer working. The reason turned out to be that the password had been truncated to 8 characters in the database (so the password I originally chose no longer worked).

      I don't know whether your problem is the same, but perhaps you can try logging in again using the first 8 characters of your original password.

        No. My password was not longer than 8 chars -- ie, it was exactly 8 chars -- and if that was the reason, given that I've have continued with the same password ever since the PM passwords were reset after the DB was hacked(*); it would be one almighty coincidence.

        And I do not believe in coincidence.

        (*) A vulnerability that has never been corrected because t'Queen decided, concluded, entirely unilaterally, that "It was too difficult to correct"; so your userid; and mine; and every other monks password and id are completely vulnerable to trivial attack, because one, demigodic, autocratic; lazy-assed God-head decide it should be so.


        No. I can (oastensibly) log in -- that is to say, I complete the userid/password combo (select the "remember me" checkbox; or not), and click the "LOGIN" button and, for one refresh only; I am logged in.

        But, if I click anything -- be it a menu option, a button (like ("talk" or "consider" or "vote"); be it in Opera, or Firefox or Chrome; and the next refresh shows me as logged out.

        How, and who, could arrange for these circumstances? Across browsers; across logins; across IP refreshes -- ie. disconnect from my ISP DSL account so that I get a new IP address -- and still the malfunction persists.

        And with such timeliness?

        I know a lot of you guys out there hold tye in high esteme -- I did also for a very long time -- but ask yourself: Given the locally available expertise, on every subject Perl-related, is this site everything it could be?

        If you have any doubts, re-visit the archive of perl Monks Discussion, and if you have the stick-ability, look at Meditations prior to the advent of PMD, and conclude for yourselves who is holding this site back from being all that it could be.

        If you conclude that the prevelence of my 11,000 posts over the last 10+ years have not been intended to help the OPs to which I replied; if you feel that my ongoing, daily, in-depth, conclusive, patient (of newbies), tolorant (of "off-topic" but related), helpful (well-researched and conclusive); posts to this place, have not been inteneded and actually helpful to thos to whom I responded; then downvote the top post in this thread.

        If, however, you percieve my contribtions to this place to be on the whole, absent malicious intent; and intended to help those who are actually seeking help; then upvote the OP of this thread; and me.

        Because I care not for politics and power; nor a jot for 'being in, nor of, 'authority'. I come here for the totally selfish reason that it entertains me.

        I continue, because my obsession with logic, and with the challenge that comes from divorcing reason & logic, from pride, and one's perception of personal worth; sustains me at a level that those whom need validation through the adoration of the pseudonym'd, unfriendible masses can never seek to attain.

        I give not a jot for the acclaim of those whom are impressed by false rhetoric; nor those whom subsume to assumed authority.

        If you seek help; and I have knowledge that I think, (might, possibly, vaguely), then I will post what I think will help you. If I am unsure of the applicability of the knowledge I seek to impart to the specific circumstance of your enquiry, then I will attempt to make that uncertainty clear in my posts.

        If yoou recognise the above as the truth of my posts; I ask you to contrast that attitude with that of "the nemesis" -- that's not, 'my nemesis'; but 'the nemesis' of this place. That entity that exprsses it's existence by repressing progress in this place.

        If you are of such youth here, that none of what I have said rings true, move on. Don't vote; or downvote as suites your whim.

        However, if, through the fullness of your time here, you also percieve the bias of personal opinion, over that of the collective, and reason; then upvote the OP and express your opinion.

        But, before you do, ask yourself: Would your opinion count for anything, if it were not in accordance with the demigod that defines what PerlMonks is, by dint of, the other God's indifference to this place.

Re^2: Who gave (and continues to give) Tye McQueen his authority for his autocratic domination of PerlMonks?
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 02, 2013 at 14:22 UTC

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