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Regardless of whether you consider that first thread warranted some extraordinary response -- I don't. I only asked a perfectly valid question in a perfectly valid, and even polite way (which is unarguable if you read that question, rather than the reaction to it) -- you have to concur that unilaterally disabling an account on the basis of nothing more than a personal distaste for the owner of that account, and his temerity to question the status quo, is exactly why the question needed to be asked; and why it should be responded to.

But I was posting in THIS thread, in which you call tye "a demogodic shithead that has been holding this place back for a decade or more". Funny to be sure, but definitely not polite. FYI, my spell checker spells it "shit head", not one word.

But to address your point of validity, while I respect your experience, and others have piped up to say how valuable you are to the site, you haven't really given much in the way of evidence, really. No one can argue with your point that one shouldn't be able to use power to exercise personal vendettas on a whim. Fine. Agreed. But now what? Has someone done this? You are expecting people to believe someone is actively doing things, without providing any evidence, except your experience. That is really hard to get behind. No?

You may think it selfish of me but I don't see a problem so I don't see the point of changing it. Your first, and as you say, reasonably presented, question presented a poll. I didn't study it closely, but it doesn't look like anyone else has a problem with the way things are? I'd hate to see you go, and so would others, from what I've read. So if your account is fixed now, maybe you won't have any further problems, I hope.

FWIW, I also value your wit and sarcasm over the years. Hilarious. Thanks.