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My two beloved treasures - Perl and Electric Dishwashers

by princepawn (Parson)
on Aug 18, 2001 at 22:04 UTC ( #105933=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Having a dishwasher just brings me such great joy. I look at the sink and all these krufty dishes, forks, glasses, ice trays, cutting boards, etc., etc are all over the place.

Then I just stuff it all in there, put in a little detergent and hit the button and :: KAPOW!!!! :: 50 minutes later, clean dishes! I am also grateful for climate control and plumbing.

But lets make this relevant to Perl. you know, the kitchen-sink philosophy... throw anything in there --- socket commands, shell commands, functions, string processing and then package it all behind objects with impenetrable APIs.

so Perl and my dishwasher are 2 wonderful modern conveniences.

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(jcwren) Re: My two beloved treasures - Perl and Electric Dishwashers
by jcwren (Prior) on Aug 18, 2001 at 22:24 UTC

    What about the computer that allows you to run Perl? And in my case, the dishwasher?


    e-mail jcwren
Re: My two beloved treasures - Perl and Electric Dishwashers
by koolade (Pilgrim) on Aug 19, 2001 at 03:57 UTC

    I'm infinitely more grateful to have a washer/dryer than I am my dishwasher. Sure, it's nice to have a dishwasher, but the alternative is 15 minutes in the sink which is a pain but not too bad overall.

    But without my washer/dryer I have to load up a few baskets of clothes and drive to a *gasp* laundromat, sit there for an hour or so while the machines spin so that I can be sure nobody steals my clothes (maybe I'm flattering myself--my clothes aren't that stylish), figure out how to enjoy my book in peace without having to make conversation with Bubba and Gertrude, then load the baskets back up and drive all the way back home.

    I didn't realize how lucky I was to have a washer/dryer at home until I left for college. It was hell. And then when I finally graduated and had my own place w/ one, my life became complete once again.

Re: My two beloved treasures - Perl and Electric Dishwashers
by BMaximus (Chaplain) on Aug 19, 2001 at 02:08 UTC
    and then package it all behind objects with impenetrable APIs.

    So how does one make an impenetrable API? Perhaps a tutorial is in order?

Re: My two beloved treasures - Perl and Electric Dishwashers
by mugwumpjism (Hermit) on Aug 19, 2001 at 14:12 UTC

    Amen to that! I have lived in many flats and houses where the washing of dishes either didn't happen as often as it should, or became a contentious issue. Having a dishwasher certainly solves the first problem, and will postpone arguments over weight-pulling issues in shared households.

    As long as you understand why the second reason is the case, I don't think it makes you lazy or more irresponsible than the person without it. I've heard many arguments against them from people (predominantly British), such as:

    • They use more water/electricity - untrue, a dishwasher is a closed system and circulates the water, and can therefore actually be more efficient.
    • It doesn't save you time, because you still have to stack the dishes and put them away - the first of which happens after you use the dishes (and wouldn't you put them by a sink anyway?), and the second takes five minutes
    • You still have to rinse the dishes - you mean you don't scrape off all the crud on plates before putting dishes in a sink full of water as well? disgusting.
    • There is no room in my kitchen for a dishwasher - what about over there, where that cupboard is? You could fit one in there, I bet!
    • It doesn't wash pots, pans, baking trays, ... - It will if they fit. And even if they don't, that still means you only have a handful of items to wash.
    • Not everyone in the world could have a dishwasher; it is too demanding on world resources to produce; there are only enough electronics components in the world for the rich; it is an electronic construction and therefore not in tune with nature - ok can't argue against that. This argument hardly ever comes from the British ;-). Perl on the other hand is an abstract entity, which makes it very natural indeed and every person in the world could have Perl. In fact, in a holographic universe where the only limit to reality is the limits of our own imaginations, it should be possible to grow a Perl interpreter in our brains, with enough effort :-).
Re: My two beloved treasures - Perl and Electric Dishwashers
by mexnix (Pilgrim) on Aug 19, 2001 at 01:50 UTC
    I have had a diskwasher my entire life. I have always taken it for least until my apartment's dishwasher was out of services for almost 3 months! Pain :( We (my roommates and I) just now, actually Friday, got a new dishwasher. Life is good. Hum...oO(maybe I take Perl for granted) Nah. Off to start reading learn asm in 21 days book (joke).


    s mmgfbs nf, nfyojy m,tr yb-zya-zy,s zfzphz,print;
    - thanks japhy :)

Re: My two beloved treasures - Perl and Electric Dishwashers
by synapse0 (Pilgrim) on Aug 19, 2001 at 11:11 UTC
    Bah! I really dislike dishwashers.. they make their users lazy, and not in the good sense. Many ppl just pile dishes in there, haphazardly drop in detergent and close the thing up.. kapow, 50 mins later, they put the dishes away w/out even lookin at em. Then, when you happen to use those dishes and silverware and look at them, you see krud still stuck on them, and the lovely diswasher splotches all over the place..
    I expect alot more from what I put in and what I get out of Perl.

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