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Respected Monks,

Pardon me if this appears as a superficial question. I know for scripting, the text editor hardly matters, but is there anyone here using gVim 7.4 on Windows 7?

I started using gVim recently and was impressed the way it allows me to edit text. There were a lot of log file outputs, files filled in with 500+ lines of commands that needed to be verified for typos/missing command fields and gVim offers never seen before ways to filter/grep text and moving around.

After using gVim for 2 months, I now type :wq and hit caps lock (mapped caps lock to escape) in non gVim editors and its quite frustrating and confusing :), better that I use gVim to write Perl Scripts.

Anyone here using gVim 7.4 on Windows 7 for Perl Scripting? Most importantly, any recommended additions/updates that you would suggest specifically for Perl Scripting?

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