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Re: Recommended updates to gVim 7.4 on Win 7 for Perl Scripting.

by naChoZ (Curate)
on Nov 06, 2013 at 11:18 UTC ( #1061414=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Recommended updates to gVim 7.4 on Win 7 for Perl Scripting.

You'll find the links from atcroft very helpful, but here's a couple of other Windows tips I use.

Instead of installing Vim in Windows, I tend to use it via PortableApps, which I keep in my dropbox folder. Since this doesn't afford the "Edit in vim" menu option, I just put a shortcut to it in my Send To folder to make it easier to access.

Another thing I do to allow me to use the same vimrc file that I use on other operating systems, I do things like this:

if has("win32") let g:windowsperl=1 else let g:windowsperl=0 let g:perlbrew=1 let g:usrbinperl=0 let g:usrlocalbinperl=0 let g:mcappsperlbrew=0 endif

Then I sort of switch between perls later in the config:

" perform a perl -c when writing a perl buffer " if g:perlbrew == 1 au BufWritePost *.pl,*.pm !/home/aharrison/.vimrc.perl -c "%" elseif g:usrbinperl == 1 au BufWritePost *.pl,*.pm !/usr/bin/perl -c "%" elseif g:usrlocalbinperl == 1 au BufWritePost *.pl,*.pm !/usr/local/bin/perl -c "%" elseif g:mcappsperlbrew == 1 au BufWritePost *.pl,*.pm !/mc/apps/perl/current/bin/perl -c "%" else au BufWritePost *.pl,*.pm !perl -c "%" endif

Other than the vimrc, I don't keep my Windows environment synced with my non-windows environment. Many of my plugins are either not geared towards Windows, or I simply don't care to use them under Windows, so I tend to block them out in my vimrc by wrapping chunks of it in blocks with if !has("win32") or if has("gui_win32").


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