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This should be easy for you guys but I never had to do it.

Okay I'm reading paragraphs in from $/
and splitting on the newline -
$/ = ""; while ($para = <>) { @lines = split(/\n/, $para); if (@lines == 1) { $lastHeading = $lines[0]; next; } if ($para =~ "mSOriginating") { if ($para =~ "$msisdn") { print "@lines"; } } }
My problem is when the results print it comes out all jumbled. It prints readable text from what it found but it doesn't print them out on newlines. It's just one line right after the other like constant text. Let's say you had the numbers 1 through 10 but you wanted them to print out on newlines for each number - Example:
What is happening: 12345678910 What I want: 1 2 3 4 5 etc....

How can I get the print to do that? I know it's something with "$\" (The output record separator) or the "-l" command handling option for PERL but I don't know how to use them and the books I'm using don't help much in that area.

The Brassmon_k