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Re^2: Question about embedded Tk::Canvas

by emilbarton (Scribe)
on Nov 20, 2013 at 18:52 UTC ( #1063575=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Question about embedded Tk::Canvas
in thread Question about embedded Tk::Canvas

This is the problem actually, my $canvas turned to a Tk::Frame in the process. In the simpler script with the same lines of code, even with

 $canvas =  $Matrix->windowCget("$tracknumber,1" , '-window')

it remains a Canvas object.

 bless $canvas, "Tk::Canvas"

doesn't help.

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Re^3: Question about embedded Tk::Canvas
by kschwab (Priest) on Nov 20, 2013 at 18:55 UTC
    Seems odd that it would turn into a Frame. I suspect the Canvas is just packed in that frame. Try $widget->children on the Frame, and I bet there's a Canvas there.
      Well I have

      Tk::Canvas=HASH(0x3071f58) Tk::Scrollbar=HASH(0x36db080) Tk::Frame=HASH(0x36db608)

      but the canvas would rather be a child of the matrix. I check that.
      The ancestors from the main window are:

      $tracker_window = MainWindow->new.. $TrackBook = $tracker_window->NoteBook.. $TrackTabs{'Tracks'} = $TrackBook.. $Matrix = $TrackTabs{'Tracks'}->Scrolled.. $canvas = $Mainwin->Scrolled('Canvas')->grid.. my $real = $canvas->Subwidget("canvas"); # for bindings.. $CstObj->{'matrix'}->windowConfigure( "$i,1", -window => $canvas )..
        Right. So your issue is retrieving a reference to the canvas object. The easiest approach would probably be to store a reference to it when you create it. You seem to be creating a module perhaps something like:
        package YourPackage; use strict;use warnings; use Tk; use Tk::Canvas; sub new { my $class = shift; my $self = bless {}, $class; my $mw = MainWindow->new(); $self->{'mainwin'}=$mw; $self->{'mycanvas'}=$mw->Canvas(); return $self; } sub getcanvas { my $self=shift; printf "Returning a %s\n",ref($self->{'mycanvas'}); return $self->{'mycanvas'} } package main; my $YP = YourPackage->new(); my $canvas=$YP->getcanvas();
      I have also a loop to destroy canvases in refresh, it might be faulty:

      for (my $n = 0; $n < $Maxobj; $n++ ){ my $canvas = $CstObj->{'matrix'}->windowDelete("$n,1"); } ## should delete embedded widgets in canvas track too (I hope).

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