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I went out fishing and brought home something. I got the data in a way to fit the previous script and now I can print the rows that match, but still can't skip the one who don't.

Thank you very much for pointing me in the correct direction. I'd be happy to figure it out myself if you could give me one more tip on this way.

What I can't figure out is how to sort before comparing and printing, so that I get the words that are present in both lists but are not aligned.

#!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; while (<DATA>) { my ($f1, $f2,$perc1,$perc2) = (split)[0,-3,2,-1]; if ($f1 eq $f2){ print $f1,($perc1-$perc2),"\n"; } else{ next; } } print "\n"; __DATA__ antidemocratica 8 0.000274459 antidemocratica 58 0.000288782 antidemocratiche 1 3.43074e-05 antidemocratiche 33 0.000164307 antidemocratici 4 0.00013723 antidemocratici 31 0.000154349 antidemocraticità 1 3.43074e-05 antidemocraticità 1 4.979e-06 antidemocratico 14 0.000480303 antidemocratico 76 0.000378404 antidemocratico.questa 1 3.43074e-05 consensi 74 0.000368446 consensi 29 0.000994914 consenso 2543 0.0126616 consenso 109 0.00373951 consensocrazia 1 4.979e-06 consensuale 2 6.86148e-05 consensuale 60 0.00029874 consensuali 1 3.43074e-05 consensuali 15 7.4685e-05 consensus 2 6.86148e-05 consensualmente 9 4.4811e-05 corrotto 128 0.00439135 disonesta 7 3.4853e-05 disonesti 19 0.00065184 disonesti 29 0.000144391


antidemocratica-1.4323e-05 antidemocratiche-0.0001299996 antidemocratici-1.7119e-05 antidemocraticità2.93284e-05 antidemocratico0.000101899 consensuale-0.0002301252 consensuali-4.03776e-05 disonesti0.000507449

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