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Its strange that you talk so much at length about Perl 5 and not mention a word about Perl 6.

I did mention it, albeit indirectly. Just look at where the "revolution" link takes you. That said, I've talked about Perl 6 here on perlmonks often enough that I assume most regulars here are familiar with stances. Or if not, it's easy for them to read my older ramblings on Perl 6.

Perl 6 was supposed to fix these very problems. Due to unfixable problems plaguing Perl 5. And we haven't seen anything from the Perl 6 project that could be considered worth replacing Perl 5.

Nothing from the Perl 6 project can, at the moment, be considered a worthy replacement for Perl 5 at every level. At individual levels (for example expressiveness, or concurrency (on the JVM backend at least)), Perl 6 and its current main implementation, Rakudo, are actually superior to Perl 5. There is still much work to do (much more than anybody imagined when the Perl 6 efforted started), but I'm still hopeful.

But there is no way you can compete with the newer breed of languages with routine 2 year release making small time syntax improvements.

... which is why I'm invested in the Perl 6 effort. I wish more people would realize that the long term health (and I'm talking about > 5 years here) of Perl depends on Perl 6. For all its maturity, Perl 5 simply can't move fast enough to be competitive with all the rest of the languages out there.

Stop pedantic debates on production readiness and release something what rest of the world considers production ready.

Telling volunteers what to do is never going to work. That said, you can be assured that I spend about 98% of my Perl 6 time actually improving stuff, and only 2% responding to troll.