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Re^4: OS independent perl script

by Anonymous Monk
on Feb 21, 2014 at 18:42 UTC ( #1075767=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: OS independent perl script
in thread OS independent perl script

See also  help for and Re: Command line arguments not passed in Win7 ( regqueryperl.bat ), Question on Strawberry's Portable .bat file

@setlocal @set thisdir=%~dp0 @set thisfile=%~f0 @set thisfilebasename=%~n0 @set thisfilename=%~nx0 @set @set @echo thisdir=%thisdir% @echo thisfile=%thisfile% @echo thisfilebasename=%thisfilebasename% @echo thisfilename=%thisfilename% @echo thisfilecorion=%thisfilecorion% @echo thisfilepl=%thisfilepl% @echo; @endlocal

thisdir=D:\ thisfile=D:\this2.bat thisfilebasename=this2 thisfilename=this2.bat thisfilecorion=D:\ thisfilepl=D:\

And the advanced broken version (for stupid paths )
^ is trickier than the others ... above escaping useful for example if you're  echo %stuff% >> otherfile.bat
yes, cmd.exe is a mess

@setlocal @set "thisdir=%~dp0" @set "thisfile=%~f0" @set "thisfilebasename=%~n0" @set "thisfilename=%~nx0" @set "" @set "" @echo thisdir="%thisdir% @echo thisfile="%thisfile% @echo thisfilebasename="%thisfilebasename% @echo thisfilename="%thisfilename% @echo thisfilecorion="%thisfilecorion% @echo thisfilepl="%thisfilepl% @echo; @set "thisfile=%~f0" echo %thisfile% @set "thisfile=%thisfile:^=\^%" @set "thisfile=%thisfile:>=^>%" @set "thisfile=%thisfile:<=^<%" @set "thisfile=%thisfile:&=^&%" @set "thisfile=%thisfile:|=^|%" @set "thisfile=%thisfile:)=^)%" @set "thisfile=%thisfile:(=^(%" @set "thisfile=%thisfile:[=^[%" @set "thisfile=%thisfile:]=^]%" @set "thisfile=%thisfile:"=\"%" @echo escaped-thisfile "%thisfile%" @echo; @endlocal

$ "D:\pa^th\this2.bat" thisdir=D:\path\ thisfile=D:\path\this2.bat thisfilebasename=this2 thisfilename=this2.bat thisfilecorion=D:\path\ thisfilepl=D:\path\

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Re^5: OS independent perl script
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 21, 2014 at 19:51 UTC
    FWIW the second output was wrong one
    $ "pa^th\this2.bat" thisdir="D:\pa^th\ thisfile="D:\pa^th\this2.bat thisfilebasename="this2 thisfilename="this2.bat thisfilecorion="D:\pa^th\ thisfilepl="D:\pa^th\ $ echo D:\path\this2.bat D:\path\this2.bat escaped-thisfile "D:\pa\^th\this2.bat"

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