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The post you are responding to is almost 10 years old, the user who wrote it has not logged in for 9 years. Consider reading and understanding PerlMonks for the Absolute Beginner, How do I post a question effectively? and posting a new question. Do you have to Automate IE?

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Re^4: Driving Internet Explorer with Perl
by Shival (Initiate) on Feb 24, 2014 at 14:05 UTC
    Oops !! 9 years..:( Yes I have to automate driving IE with different web browser and calculate page load time for each browser.
      This code does open IE and instantly it closes. So did not post new question thinking I might be missing something. What I meant is I need to drive IE with different URLS like bbc news, you tube etc and find out the page load time.

        It's unlikely that 10 year old, unrelated code you copy and paste from a site will do this for you. You will have to do some work. The example you have chosen clearly explains what it's doing. Reading the code and the instructions will clearly show you where you are going wrong in your assumptions.