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Yeah, I did. It would be insane to try and code like that. I probably accidentally deleted a character or ran two things together. Here, ill post a non-obfu version: (although that ruins the fun!)

#!\perl\bin\perl -w use strict; my $tm; foreach my $i (0..78) { $tm .= chr($i+48); } my $m=0; my @ta; foreach my $y (0..12) { foreach my $n (0..5) { $ta[$y][$n] = substr($tm, $m, 1); $m++; } } sub encryptor { my $w = shift; my ($r, $r1, $r2, $c1, $c2); for (my $i=0; $i<length($w); $i+=2) { if ($i<(length($w)-1)) { my $w1 = substr($w, $i, 1); my $w2 = substr($w, $i+1, 1); foreach my $y (0..12) { foreach my $n (0..5) { if ($ta[$y][$n] eq $w1) { $r1=$y; $c1=$n; } } } foreach my $y (0..12) { foreach my $n (0..5) { if ($ta[$y][$n] eq $w2) { $r2=$y; $c2=$n; } } } if ($r1 == $r2 || $c1 == $c2) { $r.=$w2; $r.=$w1; } else { $r .= $ta[$r2][$c1]; $r .= $ta[$r1][$c2]; } } else { $r.=substr($w, $i, 1); } } return $r; } my @j=("vits", "mbunbkr", "dqlr", "bgiew`"); foreach my $a (@j){print encryptor($a), " ";}

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Re: Re: Re: A matrixy japh
by BooK (Curate) on Aug 27, 2001 at 03:20 UTC
    It would be insane to try and code like that.

    No it wouldn't. I strongly suggest you look at Erudil's camel code and how it works to find some creative ways to use eval.

    You code is very nice looking, it's shame it doesn't run. You have enough room on the first edge of the cube to stick in something like s/\s+//g;eval that would transform the rest of the code into something that actually compiles.

    Naturally it's not that easy, because you have to define $_ (which will be after, since it's the rest of the cube). I am sure you can find a way to keep your code cube-shaped and make it run.