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Re: Profile figures for /usr/bin/podbrowser suddenly running very slowly

by RMGir (Prior)
on Apr 25, 2014 at 12:00 UTC ( #1083781=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Profile figures for /usr/bin/podbrowser suddenly running very slowly

There's something garbled in your
1880.71    utf8::SWASHNEW (recurses: max depth 1, inclusive time 83┬╡s)

What does the inclusive time look like? Maybe something's broken in the utf8 handling?

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Re^2: Profile figures for /usr/bin/podbrowser suddenly running very slowly
by RCH (Sexton) on Apr 25, 2014 at 18:38 UTC

    Ohhhh my most grovelling apologies.
    The numbers in my original posting are hopelessly and horribly wrong
    The correct numbers are in the table below
    And my question becomes:-

    • How to investigate reason why computer "Sheep" spent so much time in podbrowser subroutine main::search_input_changed (Part A. of the table below)

    (Parts B. and C. of the table below, show that there were differences between the two computers in the lists of subroutines in nytrpof/index.html
    Could this be because I failed to give podbrowser the same task in the two computers?)

    Result of running perl -d:NYTProf /usr/bin/podbrowser on 2 computers "Sheep" and "Tiger"
    Data are "Inclusive Time" (ms); from the tables nytrpof/index.html
    A. Subroutine Tiger Sheep (Sheep /
    . / Tiger)
    Gtk2:: main 14,300 74,100 5.2
    main:: search_input_changed 49.9 47,200 945.9
    main:: toggle_mod_tree 39.6 685.0 17.3
    Gtk2:: main_iteration (xsub) 39.4 393.0 10.0
    Gtk2::TreeStore:: append (xsub) 9.9 236.0 23.8
    Gtk2::TreeStore:: set (xsub) 14.3 223.0 15.6
    Gtk2::GladeXML:: new (xsub) 36.0 184.0 5.1
    main:: generate_index 24.8 176.0 7.1
    Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer:: load_function 34.1 128.0 3.8
    main:: CORE:match (opcode) 19.4 123.0 6.3
    utf8:: SWASHNEW (recurses:... 163.0 115.0 0.7
    . ...max depth 1, inclusive time .. mu s)
    B.Inclusive times from Sheep's nytrpof/index.html (Not found in Tiger)
    . Subroutine ... Sheep ...
    Gtk2::Ex::Simple::TiedList:: PUSH 25,700
    Gtk2::ListStore:: clear (xsub) 21,100
    Gtk2::ListStore:: append (xsub) 19,400
    Gtk2::ListStore:: set (xsub) 5,920
    C.Inclusive times from Tiger's nytrpof/index.html;(not found in Sheep)
    . Subroutine Tiger ... ...
    Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer::Parser:: CORE:readline (opcode) 506.0
    Gtk2::Widget:: show (xsub) 14.6
    Gtk2:: init (xsub) 10.1
    Gtk2::IconTheme:: has_icon (xsub) 8.9

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