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You can always search perldiag for unknown error messages (that's what diagnostics does)

The closest I was able to find (searching for '@INC') was

Canít locate auto/ in @INC

but I have problems to decrypt the description.

(F) A function (or method) was called in a package which al +lows autoload, but there is no function to autoload. Most proba +ble causes are a misprint in a function/method name or a failur +e to "AutoSplit" the file, say, by doing "make install".

I'm ignorant about how to "allow autoload" w/o actually having provided a sub AUTOLOAD somewhere.

Probably either a weird case of inheritance mess up or some kind of XS magic (?).


ah, google is my friend! )

--> What is the /auto/ directory used for? see also AutoSplit

lazy me! (I blame LanX! ;-)

Cheers Rolf

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